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The paper "European Political Systems" states that the to some countries, Stabilization and Association Process put in place to deal with particular cases before recognition, was a challenge to enter. In 1973, the following countries joined the European Union, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Ireland…
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European Political Systems
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In the early twentieth century, Europe suffered wars considered most destructive in human history; harsh political and economic rivalries between its states. At the dawn of twenty first century, the states of Eastern and Western Europe united in a continental scale political system. The foundations of democracy of the European are weak because the decision making amongst the twenty-seven states is difficult. Otherwise, the union is one of the most remarkable achievements of modern times.
The coal and steel developed to the European Economic Community in 1958. In 1995 three countries joined the union namely Austria, Finland and Sweden. In 2007, Bulgaria and Romania joined the union. In 2004, Cyprus, Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland and Slovenia were considered part of the European Union and largest integration that took place. The integration involved the breaking of some of the countries restrictions to adhere to certain issues such as free movement issues.  Read More
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European Political Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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