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Impact of Religion, Faith, or the Dominant Ethical System on Politics - Essay Example

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The paper “Impact of Religion, Faith, or the Dominant Ethical System on Politics” will look at a central place of religious in the life of Filipinos, including Catholics, Muslims, Buddhists, Protestants, and animists. It is a host of experiences, rituals, ceremonies, and adjurations…
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Impact of Religion, Faith, or the Dominant Ethical System on Politics
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Extract of sample "Impact of Religion, Faith, or the Dominant Ethical System on Politics"

Download file to see previous pages Statistics of the breakdown in religious affiliations of the faithful in the Philippines reveal that “the main religious group in the Philippines is Roman Catholics who account for 83% of the population. Other religions include Protestant 9%, Muslim 5%, Buddhist and other 3%.” (NationMaster, 1) In view of the predominance of Roman Catholics in the Philippines, the majority’s religious beliefs have a strong effect on the view towards politics and the existing governmental structure.
The long history of colonization from Spain brought great changes in the political, economic and cultural life of the Filipinos. Christianity was introduced to replace the old religion based on spirit worship and a centralized government was established over the ruins of the barangays. (Leuterio, 223) Dolan proffered that “with the advent of United States control, the Catholic Church relinquished its great estates. Church and state officially were separated, although the church, counting more than 80 percent of the population as members, continued to have influence when it wanted to exert it.” (Dolan, Church-State Relations, 1)
Further, Dolan clearly distinguished Catholics falling into three groups: “conservatives who were suspicious of social action and held that Christian love could best be expressed through existing structures; moderates, probably the largest group, in favor of social action but inclined to cooperate with government programs; and progressives, who did not trust the government programs, were critical both of Philippine business and of American influence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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