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An Analysis of the Influence Wielded by Religion and Politics among the American People in Contemporary Times - Research Paper Example

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In the US, Congress never passed a law implementing the separation of the church and the state and as the First Amendment states, “Congress shall make no law, respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”…
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An Analysis of the Influence Wielded by Religion and Politics among the American People in Contemporary Times
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Download file to see previous pages Likewise, the government is not formally attached to any religious grouping. This paper aims to assess the influence exerted by both religion and politics among the American People in this modern era. Likewise, it seeks to determine if indeed they should be put together or separated and how the citizens of the country feel about this choice and what will be the long-term effects of the separation or combination of the two blocs. Religion is considered a universal component of human life. Religion makes it easier for people to communicate with each other and with God. In the words of Natambu, “People are often ready to die for their religion, and many thousands have done so. Many others sacrifice their fame, power, wealth, property and time for the sake of religion. Religion must have a great value for people otherwise nobody would die for it or give so much for its sake. People make sacrifices and offerings of the best they have for the sake of religion.” (2002)...
The ritual shines on both of them from a place beyond their ordinary experience and includes them in a community whose home is in some way not of this world. And in the Christian case the ritual records a primeval sacrifice, born of love.” (2009) For majority of Americans, they are used to and more comfortable with church leaders articulating their opinions and beliefs regarding social and political matters and concerns. Churches, synagogues and other religious institutions are widely perceived as positive forces in addressing the problems of society. Nonetheless, a bigger number of voters still claim they are uncomfortable with priests or pastors advocating their political views from the pulpit. Conversely, at least 75% of voters think that while it is vital for the President to have religious faith, there is prevalent discomfort over politicians who speak publicly about their religious affiliations, sentiments and actions (2000). Wald states that “religion is more important in American polity than most people realize, but in different ways than they imagine. Is religion good for politics?” (2003, p. 14). Wald offers the thought of Richard J. Neuhaus that religion is a community and an institution needed to stand in judgment of a state moving toward totalitarianism. The other fundamental issue is whether religion imports and sustains values such as human rights and freedom in politics. Notwithstanding all these discussion, debates, disagreements and concurrences, politics seem to get in the way of religion and vice versa in the present-day American setting. Even, if religious leaders of different Christian sects and leaders of government and members of Congress and Senate make repeated claims that there is no conflict between the two and they operate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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