An Adverse Effect on the Relations Between the EU and Iran - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the process of institutional secularization in Iran. These moves came to the fore, in the various reforms to institutions, which took place after the death of Khomeini, in 1989. These reforms have served to strengthen the state, in relation to the religious establishment…
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An Adverse Effect on the Relations Between the EU and Iran
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of the of the of the The Events Taking Place in Iran The recent political crisis in Iran, had repercussions all over the Islamic Republic. Moreover, in July 2009, Iran arrested a few EU citizens, which has had an adverse effect on the relations between the EU and Iran. Furthermore, Iran’s nuclear program has attracted the attention of the international community. The US President Barak Obama, indirectly instructed Iran to become a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
In addition, he directed Iran to fulfil the obligations imposed by the IAEA and the international community. At present, Iran is keen to avoid further sanctions against it. The latest sanctions against Iran were imposed two years ago. The US and the EU are not very much interested in imposing any further bans against Iran; because of the fact that in the light of the previous sanctions, the next sanctions would entail restrictions on buying oil from Iran (Sarukhanyan).
The process of institutional secularization is taking place in Iran. These moves came to the fore, in the various reforms to institutions, which took place after the death of Khomeini, in 1989. These reforms have served to strengthen the state, in relation to the religious establishment. This has also been noticed in the Iranian economic and foreign policy. These measures have not been effected at the domestic level, and a rigid Islamic system is strictly enforced, within the country. The political mechanism in Iran, does not accommodate those who oppose the current system; and entities that oppose the system are precluded from participating in the political process (Haugom). This evidences the fact that Iran is a theocratic state.
Nuclear empowerment permits Iran to protect itself from external threats. In the absence of nuclear weapons technology, Iran cannot control the malicious efforts of a neighboring country or nuclear power from supporting rebellion. It is perceived by the Iranians that nuclear deterrence will ensure territorial integrity, and establish peace and confidence among its citizens (Habibi).This contention is false and indicates mala fide intent.
It has been vehemently claimed by the Iranian officials that their pursuit of nuclear technology, is only for peaceful purposes, like power generation. However, experts on nuclear proliferation are of the opinion that Iran’s fundamental Muslim rulers, could be clandestinely, manufacturing nuclear weapons (Pan).
This topic is of great interest to me; because Iran’s actions, in respect of the proliferation of nuclear technology, pose a grave threat to the international community. In these days of Islamic terrorism, it is extremely dangerous for any Islamic fundamentalist nation to possess nuclear technology.
Since, Iran is ruled by Islamic fundamentalists, secrecy regarding nuclear technology, can be construed to be measures to further terrorist activities. Iran has claimed that it employs nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. This is unbelievable. Moreover, the world is reeling under terrorist attacks, and my country could also be affected. This is the reason for my apprehension, regarding the nuclear programs of Iran.
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