Traditionalist and Modernist political campaign ads - Essay Example

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The essay "Traditionalist and Modernist political campaign ads" presents a political campaign ad for two political parties: one party that supports traditional moral and political philosophies and another party that supports modern moral and political philosophies…
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Traditionalist and Modernist political campaign ads
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Extract of sample "Traditionalist and Modernist political campaign ads"

Traditional and Modern Cultures
Creation is the responsibility of God and human beings have no business to entertain ideas of artificial creation, known as cloning. The process of creation is a never ending process and has no beginning or ending. The advocates of cloning are challenging the very basics of creation and their actions will lead to disastrous consequences on the future of humanity. The supporters of cloning must recognize the fact that the advancement of science and technology should never cross the boundaries of human limitations. Scientists should concentrate on finding solutions to the acute problems plaguing the society such as unemployment, corruption at the highest levels, terrorism and child abuse, instead of wasting their energies on useless issues like cloning humans and animals. We reiterate our stand that cloning is against our social ethics and moral principles and equals to questioning God (Yaro’s article, third Para ). The advocates of cloning will one day be punished by the God. We promise you that, if voted to power, we will bring a permanent Federal Law banning the practice of cloning through a Bill in the Congress which has failed to pass despite its introduction several times in the past. ( Laws on human cloning, third Para ).
Cloning indicates the scientific advancement man has achieved over the years and stands as a tall witness for the supremacy of science. The creation of Dolly (The first successful clone of a sheep, first Para.) was only a first step in the right direction the scientific community had moved in the area of cloning. The advocates of its ban have no right to talk of ethics and morals as these issues are not their exclusive domains. One wants to know how cloning affects the tradition, morals and ethics. God had created humans and other living beings but did not stop at that. God encouraged us to invent so many things and cloning can be one of them. Without creativity, there is no creation and God must be the first ever creative being of this universe. It must be noted that those opposing the cloning development are indirectly advocating regression. It is not our argument that there should not be any opposition to events or issues taking place in the society. But every opposing action must be supported by a valid reasoning material. And it is the responsibility of the opposing groups to prove their arguments that cloning defies God, spoils society and brings in destructive culture. We vehemently oppose all laws that oppose cloning.

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Create a political campaign ad (a poster, a flier, etc.) for two political parties: one party that supports traditional moral and political philosophies and another party that supports modern moral and political philosophies. For each campaign ad, provide a party name, a campaign slogan, and a written explanation of the party's platform concerning a moral controversy of your choice. You may use self-made or ready-made graphics on your campaign ad, if desired. Create your campaign ads in Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® PowerPoint®, and post them as attachments. Read More
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