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The Greatest Challenges for a Reconstructed Intelligence Community - Essay Example

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1. The events and cases of modern history show that Intelligence Community and its services and branches are largely challenged today by numerous factors concerning inner and foreign policy of the state. This issue is increasingly important in this age of global challenges to the state and humanity from different destabilizing sources and communities…
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The Greatest Challenges for a Reconstructed Intelligence Community
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Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, it is obvious that intelligence agencies and services are one of the most reliable factors of the inner and foreign stability of a state. So, there are a lot of greatest challenges facing the U.S. intelligence community in the years to come. This paper will discuss the greatest challenges facing different U.S. intelligence services in our days. The paper will cover the challenges of such important American intelligence agencies as FBI, CIA, DIA, NSA, DNI, State Dept Intelligence, NRO and the military services. This list is not all-inclusive, but these are the most important intelligence agencies of the state which play great role in the state and the nation security providing, and the challenges facing them reflect the full range of challenges facing all the intelligence community of the United States.
2. There are some global challenges facing all democratic states and consequently their intelligence communities in the 21st century. "The threat to the United States that the Intelligence Community must mitigate takes several forms. ...
These problems are common for most countries, as well as for the United States. These global world problems facing the world are being transformed into the global greatest challenges facing the U.S. intelligence community in the years to come. How can these common challenges affect the planning and activity of the various members of the intelligence community in the United States
The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is one of the most important investigation services in the U.S. One of the challenges facing the organization today is connected with the antiterrorist coalition operations in Iraq. "The FBI is facing one of the most dangerous, difficult challenges in its history as agents and analysts try to solve a string of deadly bombings in Iraq" (2). There are about 300 FBI agents in Iraq who investigate numerous cases of terrorist bombing attacks and help to find suspects in these terrible actions. The challenge is connected with the difficulty to investigate such cases and large number of them: "The FBI is involved in about a dozen bombing investigations in Iraq, focusing on those that involve civilian or government targets rather than attacks directly on U.S. or coalition military forces" (2). The FBI agents sometimes risk their lives to follow their duty in different countries. There are some troubles facing the FBI in Iraq, Bali, Saudi Arabia and other countries: "In a telling sign of the peril, FBI agents must be accompanied by American troops whenever they leave their secure compound at the Baghdad airport. Further complicating their job is the lack of a cooperating foreign government to help them and the paucity of high-quality intelligence from either informants or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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