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Euro-Mediterranean Partnership - Essay Example

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Barcelona process or the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership had been the recent attempt to expand regional and bilateral cooperation through European Union. Conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs held in Barcelona on 27-28 November 1995 was the starting point of Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and this is a vast framework of political, social and economic relations between the member states of EU and Partners of the Southern Mediterranean…
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Euro-Mediterranean Partnership
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Download file to see previous pages 3. The rapprochement between peoples through a social, cultural and human partnership aimed at encouraging understanding between cultures and exchanges between civil societies (Social, Cultural and Human Chapter)."
It is an ambitious initiative with bilateral and regional dimensions and multilateral dimension supports, in the increasingly globalised world. Under MEDA programme, they are creating partnerships in all aspects like regional integration, socio-economic balance and financial and technical assistance. Despite these, in 2005 convention, it is noted MEDA was "created at the initiative of the European Parliament in 1996, the program grants aids to no-profit associations, Universities, Research Centres and public Bodies in order to realize projects aimed at promoting democracy, freedom of expression and association, and safeguarding specific groups, such as women, young people and minorities. The granted funds for this kind of projects can total a maximum of 80%"
Despite these, in 2005 convention, it is noted that MEDA had very slow advancement. ...
in the partnership are peace, security, stability, good governance and democracy, sustainable economic development and reform, education and socio-cultural exchanges, justice, migration and social integration, human rights and democratisation, political and security cooperation, information and communication technology, trade, financial cooperation, dialogues between two or more cultures, and the visibility of the process. It has announced that heredity sites would be maintained and safeguarded, 'Creating a future that care for the past'. "Its aim was to conserve and inventory manuscripts held in small libraries dotted throughout North Africa and the Near East, thus preserving the books and the wisdom they contain," Euro Mediterranean Partnership (2002, p.14).
Main topics that would be investigated in the Research are as follows:
1. Illegal immigration into prosperous countries, an annoying issue that has to be controlled and guided in a proper way. Most of the European countries are facing problems due to illegal immigration and are trying to find ways and means of curbing them, while legal immigration would be encouraged. EU is facing extensive confusion as a result of illegal immigration. Research would probe into this matter and would try to present a clearer picture.
2. Security and Terrorism are the two issues that have been haunting every country today, and more so, the Western powers. After the fanatic Muslim movement lifted its ugly head in certain regions, curbing it has become the priority issue to all affected countries. Research would investigate these issues with other connected problems like fanaticism in European countries, growth of terrorist activities, help from Middle East countries in controlling training camps for potential terrorists and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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