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The Development of Second World Countries in the European Union - Assignment Example

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Introduction The changes in the European Union in the past five to ten years have altered effects within the economy and from those that are involved in the region. One of the changes is based on the boundaries that are associated with the European regions…
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The Development of Second World Countries in the European Union
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Download file to see previous pages The development of the second world countries has directly affected the progress of the European Union in terms of economy and living standards. At the same time, regulations and changes within the internal market have been applied specifically because of the decision to unite Europe while understanding the complexities of the barriers created. This paper will examine the development of the second world countries in the past five to ten years, as well as how this has affected the economy of Europe in their progression. Development of Second World Countries in 5-10 Years Bulgaria and Romania are two of the main second world countries that have moved into rapid development and change since 2001. This is specific to the movement into the EU and the new dependencies that have pushed the political, social and economic agenda to a different level. The EU has been able to leverage Bulgaria and Romania through the criteria of uniting Europe and expanding the economic options that are a part of the world. However, it is also noted that domestic factors have created complexities in the ability for Bulgaria and Romania to progress. The lack of resources and opportunity has stopped the expansion that the EU has desired. The result is continuous progression and a push to move into a different status because of the external pressure. ...
For instance, the establishment of the European Development of Bulgaria, or GERB, and the Coalition for Bulgaria, are trying to find new ways to help those in the community to move outside of the developing initiatives and into a developed country. The initiatives have led to reinforcements by policies for the community and to change the economy. New systems are being developed and business ventures are continuing to be supported within the region. This is followed by watch lists and initiatives used to change the social stance of those in the community, specifically with the idea of progression in mind. Taking out problems with trafficking, illicit drugs and other problems within the country are some of the areas which are continuing to be promoted and developed within the region (CIA, 2009). The same component of development is not only reaching Bulgaria and Romania, but is also moving into the second world country of Greece. The initiatives in the past decade are based specifically on changing the sociology of individuals and moving into economic development within the region. The beginning of this has been new policies that have been revisited since 2001, beginning with the changes made to the Constitution in terms of policies for humanitarian acts. Fair employment, meeting the needs of citizens in the country and stimulating the economy by assisting businesses with generalized policies are the main initiatives taken. For example, unemployment protection legislation has been created to change the economic activities and to alter the amount of money coming into the region. The initiatives are leading to stronger work forces, more development in the region, and growth at an average of 1.4% ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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