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Development within the European Union of the Second World Countries - Assignment Example

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This paper defines and identifies Second World countries within the European Union and focus the discussion on the process of the development these countries went through. A brief presentation on the situation of the Second World countries during the late 1990s is presented in this paper…
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Development within the European Union of the Second World Countries
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Extract of sample "Development within the European Union of the Second World Countries"

Download file to see previous pages The European Union has become one of the most influential economic and political organizations in the world since the Second World War. Starting from a membership of six countries in 1958, European Union has now a membership of twenty-seven countries and still expanding.
European Union was established based on the framework of the Europe-wide single market that would promote peace, stability, and prosperity. Economic cooperation is at the core of the guiding principles of EU country-members basis of unity. EU stands for borderless economy within Europe and strives to make Europe an accessible place to live and work for all the Europeans.
It is still a glaring reality; however, that unequal development still exists within the European Union. For the last five to ten years, changes within the boundaries associated with the European regions have caused altered changes in the economy of European Union. Despite the thrust to create a single Europe, member-countries of the European Union sill differs from each in other in terms of economy, politics and social well-being of the people in the society. Specifically, in terms of economy, the differences between the second world countries within the union have created a gap in the past decade.
The economic activities of the second world countries in the region have been directly affected by their membership in the European Union either positively or negatively. How do the second world countries progress as members of the European Union? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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