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Indicators and Indices of Environmental Quality - Dissertation Example

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This paper “Indicators and Indices of Environmental Quality” offers recommendations for sustainable development in the EU Mediterranean island that is the subject of this study. This Report presents an assessment of the existing research in the area of sustainability assessment…
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Indicators and Indices of Environmental Quality
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Download file to see previous pages Since there is a shortage of fresh water available, despite the high levels of availability of salt water from the surrounding sea, the sewage is reused for irrigation purposes. Since there is a shortage of fresh water available, despite the high levels of availability of salt water from the surrounding sea, the sewage is reused for irrigation purposes. The island lies with the zone of the European Trade Union and as a result, will be subject to existing EU Directives in the environment. In the case of public plans that are made on environmental impact assessment, the EIA Directive, or the Directive 85/337EC. The purpose of this Directive is to ensure that during the implementation of any public plans, programs, and projects,  the design of the plans should be such that they have a minimal impact upon the environment.  This Directive also contains provisions for the public to participate in the decision-making process and thereby ensures that the quality of decisions taken is improved ( The significant legislation in this context, which also uses the “polluter pays” principle is the Directive 2004/EC/35. This Directive sets out a common framework wherein liability for damage to the environment will be evaluated, in order to ensure that those parties responsible for damaging the environment are duly made to pay.
Factors in the external environment: In deriving an appropriate assessment framework, it is necessary to take into account, the consequences and results arising out of the Mediterranean Trade free zone. The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership is a joint socio-economic program with the objective of increasing political, economic and cultural ties between the countries on either side of the Mediterranean.  This area has been demarcated as a zone of shared prosperity and a free trade zone, but as Katz (1999) points out, the increase in high profile international trade disputes, such as genetically modified organisms, there is an increasing association between trade and the environment. In order to promote sustainable development, it may be necessary to develop win-win situations, such as those allowing for increased trade and environmental protection simultaneously, or by decreasing wasteful subsidies and increasing the levels of access to environmental technologies and promoting the use of ecologically friendly products. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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