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Oldham Pond study - Lab Report Example

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"Oldham Pond study" is a descriptive paper on the present physic-chemical conditions of Oldham Pond using data on various parameters collected on 4th February 2012 and another data set collected on 25th February 2012. This will be used to determine the trophic state of the pond…
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Oldham Pond study
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Extract of sample "Oldham Pond study"

Download file to see previous pages Data was collected from Oldham Pond which is a 235-acre natural pond located in an urban area in two towns, Pembroke and Hanson. The sources of water for the pond are a small tributary, wetlands areas and cranberry bogs of Herring Brook and drains into Furnace Pond. The pond has a 2.8-mile shoreline which includes residential houses and summer camp. It has an average depth of 10 feet while the deepest point in the pond is 15 feet. Geographically, the pond is at a latitude of 42.06701 N and 70.83644 W. The data set was collected from the SW shore, N. Haledon at an interval of three weeks; the first data being collected were collected on 4th February 2012 and the second data was collected on 25th February 2012. The study area is shown in figure 1 in the appendices page. Data collection method The data collected was on temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, Ph and the total alkalinity. Moreover, the prevailing weather conditions were noted including the temperature and the wind conditions. During the first visit, data was taken on at the surface and at a depth of one meter. In addition to the two depths where the parameters were measured from in the first visit, the second study included measurement of the parameters at the bottom of the pond. Equipment with the ability to measure Ph, conductivity, temperature and dissolved oxygen at once was used. As noted by Stephens et al (431) measuring of Ph, temperature and conductivity give the best results when carried out at the sampling point using portable equipment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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