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Case Study on Global Warming and Climate Change - Assignment Example

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Case Study on global warming and climate change Name Professor Course Date Case Study on Global Warming and Climate Change Article Review Introduction The article, “Ambient air pollution exposure and damage to male gametes: human Studies and in situ 'sentinel' animal experiments” by Christopher Somers provides detailed information on the effect of ambient (outdoor) air pollution (Somers, 2011)…
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Case Study on Global Warming and Climate Change
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Download file to see previous pages The animals provide the researcher with a great chance to acquire the necessary observation because they allow in making of experimental evidence for causation. The article discusses that there is growing evidence associating the outdoor polluted air exposure with the negative effects that appear in the reproductive health (Somers, 2011). Statement of air quality concern and its relevant to the environmental professional Exposure to ambient air pollution contributes to damage of male germ cells resulting to negative effects on reproductive health. Analysis of the key points in the article Effects of air exposure to human sperms One of the key points that the article discusses is that air exposure contributes in a significant way to the damage of human sperms (Somers, 2011). The author of the article indicates that even though few studies have been conducted concerning this issue, the ones that researchers have performed supports the fact that air pollution causes a negative effect in the reproductive health of both men and women (Somers, 2011). However, results in the areas that the study have been conducted indicates tends to be different. ...
One of these limitations is that researchers fail to demonstrate causation of the effects even though it is evident that they occur. However, Somers (2011) indicates that researchers have managed to overcome the limitations using rodents. The animals are exposed to urban and industrial air pollution in order to provide the required results. The direct exposure to the pollution gives researchers a chance to determine the level of effects of sperms. The studies from this experiment indicate that ambient air pollution causes significant effects to many parts of the sentinel animals’ bodies. One of these body parts is the reproductive system. Somers (2011) indicates that a series of experiments on the sentinel animals have proven that particulate matter causes damage to the sperms. Linking the studies of human germ cell to that of sentinel animals Study on sentinel animals provides a chance of having reliable experiment. This is because the ambient air pollution tends to be a single variable on the experiment. Therefore, the experiment gives a clear casual links between exposures and end-points (Somers, 2011). Experiments in both humans and sentinel animals indicate there is an induced germline mutation. Moreover, the experiments indicate there is physical DNA damage and epigenetic changes in the sperms (Somers, 2011). However, it is difficult to draw conclusions about the whether the effects of the air pollution in animals and humans are the same. This is because both of them have never measured identical end-points. Conclusion The studies conducted on both humans and sentinel animals indicates there is a high probability that ambient air pollution exposure leads to the damage of male germ cells. The studies indicate that air pollution is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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