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As in the past, we would like to remind you that we are very much committed to supporting a liberal policy on abortions. There is no doubt that abortion is a must when the life of a pregnant woman is at stake due to any kind of defective pregnancy or health hazard…
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Party of Liberals
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1 Party of Liberals Dear fellow citizens, As in the past, we would like to remind you that we are very much committed to supporting a liberal policy on abortions. There is no doubt that abortion is a must when the life of a pregnant woman is at stake due to any kind of defective pregnancy or health hazard. But we strongly support the arguments of a section of society that pregnancy can be terminated if a woman desires even in the absence of any health hazard. When a woman desires not to continue with her pregnancy at any point of time before a medically terminable stage, she can go ahead with her idea and opt for the termination of the pregnancy. We don't believe in the theory that supporters of abortion should be called anti-life, immoral or unethical. We never advocate killing of human life but only believe in the full fledged form of women's liberation. Termination of pregnancy should not be misunderstood as killing of human life. Our party is strongly of the opinion that any human embryo carried by a pregnant woman up to the medically terminable stage should not be considered life. Even though spermatozoa, ovum, pre-embryo, embryo, fetus, newborn, and infant are different forms of human life, they don't carry the equal value in relation to its meaning (Definition of terms, human life).
Party of Conservatives
Dear fellow Citizens,
The issue of abortion has once again come to the fore with the Mayoral elections nearing. You may recall that we have severely condemned the practice of abortion as unethical at our last delegates meeting. We once again reiterate our commitment to stand by the resolution adopted unanimously at that meeting in which we pledged to ban all abortion clinics in our city if our party candidate became the Mayor of the city. We assure you we will go to any extent to protect your traditional rights and cultural aspects on which the society has built up the social and moral fabric over a period. Abortion is equal to killing the innocent and it is unethical and immoral too. We are strongly of the view that abortion can be resorted to only in extreme cases when the life the pregnant woman is in jeopardy due to any health hazards. Even in such circumstances also maximum medical effort should be put up to save the lives of mother and fetus and if it is unavoidable pregnancy can be terminated to save the mother. These are the only exceptions and in no other circumstances the cause of abortion will be advocated. As a party believing in tradition and social morals, we will soon form Save Human squads to teach lessons to the abortion clinics to stop their unethical and immoral activities. We have also decided on an action plan to meet the pregnant women and educate them on the need of continuing g their pregnancy. We will try to convince the pregnant women to give birth to their children and give them in adoption to others instead of terminating the pregnancies.
Definition of terms, Overview of abortion: An unsolvable dilemma Retrieved on December 12, 2005, from Read More
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