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Liberals and conservatives pursue their differentiated interests within the political party setting, thus presenting the underlying opposing views as the main agenda…
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Canadian Liberalism vs Canadian Conservatism
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Canadian Liberalism vs. Canadian Conservatism Liberalism and conservatism in the Canadian context take the notion of two opposing views or perspectives. Liberals and conservatives pursue their differentiated interests within the political party setting, thus presenting the underlying opposing views as the main agenda advocated for by the two political parties. Canadian liberalism and conservatism has policy implications in the public domain. Policy positions relative to these two political parties often differ.
The key differential factor between liberals and conservatives is the manner in which they conduct their political business. At one side, liberals are progressively change and reform oriented. On the other, conservatives rely on self-induced political conduct that is relatively resistant to massive and outright reforms. In the Canadian context, liberal and conservative parties hugely disagree on governance, economy, and taxes. Notably this disconnection can be explained by the left-right ideology.
The Liberal Party takes policy positions that advocate for equality of opportunity, true fiscal responsibility, and relatively raised taxes for a sustainable economy (Canadian Liberal Party, 2013). On the other hand, the Conservative Party stands for balanced budgets, Canadians-driven economy, and low taxes; leave more money with the Canadians (Canadian Conservative Party, 2013). In the light of the liberal-conservative policy positions, the left-right ideology comes into play.
Progressing and reforming the economy may necessitate economic changes in the country, taxes included. The conservative view of creating jobs, promoting economic growth, and ensuring long-term economic prosperity (Canadian Conservative Party, 2013) may not necessary result in equality of opportunities. Also, leaving more money in the hands of Canadians may negate the balanced budget realization. Liberal approach to these matters makes the Liberal Party’s ideology more leftish and essentially aligned with its social, economic, and political policy positions.
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