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Politics Of Big Business And The Crisis Of The Canadian Bourgeoisie - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Politics Of Big Business And The Crisis Of The Canadian Bourgeoisie" discusses how the book analyzes the detrimental relationship between big businesses and the government and reviews how the changing these relationships affected the domination of major corporations…
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Politics Of Big Business And The Crisis Of The Canadian Bourgeoisie
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Extract of sample "Politics Of Big Business And The Crisis Of The Canadian Bourgeoisie"

Download file to see previous pages The book pays respect to traditional economic analysis. For instance, it highlights that the problem of how crony capitalism, whereby big corporations form intimate relationships with the government, highly affects the amateur industrial economies. This is because emerging industrial countries face the task of building up the infrastructure. Infrastructure lays the platform for industrial success. For instance, proper roads allow for quick transport of products to given market centers. In the case of Canada, this was evident in the building of railways. Such projects generate significant revenue and demand a huge outlay of capital. The big businesses can easily harness huge capital for undertaking such projects. In spite of that, they still require an intimate relationship with the government in order to attract tenders for the given tasks. However, as the economy diversifies, several industries emerge and introduces a new economic setting whereby individual business competitive skills become responsible for success.
The book illustrates how the individuals of the provincial beginning rise to dominate large businesses. This is a similar story in the American case whereby most wealthy people come from the Southern states. For instance, Howard Robinson was born and brought up in New Brunswick whereby he established his wide array of businesses. Howard interests lay in the utility sector that began from a 1904 telephone business. In the provision of such, the book is more revelatory than analytical. For instance, it portrays the ambitious and close to the ravenous nature of the initial capitalists who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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