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Modern Arabic Media - Essay Example

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When we study different culture's and try to understand different cultural situations, we learn the peoples beliefs on health and of different areas. As we move from one culture to different cultures we have in mind that there is something good in every culture, which means that cultures differs from other cultures and it is not necessarily wrong…
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Modern Arabic Media
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Download file to see previous pages We have to carefully access each belief by keeping in mind these different criteria's, which will help us, give our responses and will result in a well orientated research from which actions will take place. In short, we can say that culture can be known as the identity of a person, which varies from person to person. (Traditional beliefs and health problems, 1, n.d)
When we talk about Arab culture, there are many cultures because of which we can not say that the Arab culture comprises of only one culture, but this comprises of many cultures which is vary vast and rich in communities, groups and cultures. Within the countries there exist many different cultures due to which there are differences amongst themselves, which is not amongst the countries but within the countries as well. Arab is territory which ranges from Morocco across Northern Africa and then to the Persian Gulf. Arab countries are also being termed as Middle East and North Africa. The key component of Arab countries is that they are religious and culturally different having Islam as their most dominant religion. They include different races such as Muslims, Christians and Jews. Religion does play a vital role in the Arab countries and their politics. It has been observed that all Muslims are Arabs and all the Arabs are Muslims which is a wrong conception. Their culture is a civilized one in which the modern cities combine with the ancient cities. Religion plays a vital role in politics of the country. In the Arab countries women are subordinates of men in the society, which is being varied from country to country. Arabian Peninsula have the most restricted condition over women as compared to other countries such as Egypt and Lebanon, the women have less restrictions and are able to work with men in the society. They respect their families and friends and they act as a center for the Arabs in which Men are always the head of the family. (Arab Cultural Awareness, 1, 2006)
Problems faced by Arab Media
Today the Arab media is facing problems which include political, social, and cultural problems. It all began after the disastrous tragedy of 9/11, when the US government was shocked by attacks on them and Arab media played a major role to expose all the related information of the environment. The Arab media displayed the entire real picture of the on screen events as well as behind the scene. At that time, the US government was of the point of view that how the Arab media was showing and informing the people's mind. They launched an investigation into this matter to find out the real picture. Americans deeply investigated into the matters at how they are revealing information which has not been revealed before. All this started to cause problems for the Arab media which was researching deep analysis into the matters and providing information against the US Government. (Arab Media, 1, 2005)
Cultural problems faced by Arab Media
In the Arab countries companies are of the point of view not to leak out any sort of information which can be processed by the journalists. They try and keep things to themselves and do not share their internal information. The companies do not want themselves to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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