Evaluating ICT Use in Teaching Dyslexic Students in the Mainstream Primary Schools in Saudi Arabia - Dissertation Example

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Table of Contents Abstract 4 Chapter 1: Introduction 5 1.1Introduction 5 1.2Rationale For study 6 1.3Context of the Study 8 1.4Aims and Objectives 12 Research Questions 13 2.1Dyslexia 13 2.11History 13 2.12Definitions 15 2.13Epidemiology: 15 2.14Aetilogy: 15 2.15Symptoms 16 2.16Conclusion: 18 2.2 ICT in Education 19 2.21Studies in ICT Use 20 2.3ICT and Dyslexia 23 2.31Developments 23 2.32Dyslexia and Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) 27 2.33Dyslexia and Dual Coding Theory 28 2.34Issues 29 2.35Conclusion 29 Chapter 3: Methodology 29 3…
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Evaluating ICT Use in Teaching Dyslexic Students in the Mainstream Primary Schools in Saudi Arabia
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Download file to see previous pages 4Study Sample 40 3. 5Ethics 40 3. 6Administration of the Questionnaire 42 3. 7Conclusion 42 Chapter 4: Result and Analysis 43 4.1.Introduction 43 4.2.Response Rate 43 4.3.Characteristics of the Study Sample (Demographic Data) 44 4..2.1.1Academic Qualifications 44 4..2.2.1Major 45 4..2.3.1Minor Major 46 4..2.4.1Teaching Experience 47 4..2.5.1ICT Training 48 60 4.4.Discussion 83 Chapter 6 Conclusion 88 6.1Achievements of the Study 88 6.2Implications for practice 88 6.3Strengths and weaknesses in the study 91 6.4Implications for further research 92 References 94 Abstract Since the introduction of computers in schools in 1970s the role of computers has progressed form tutor to topic to tool. Today, information and computer technology (ICT) has far reaching implications in every sphere of life. Education and learning process have achieved new dimensions with the integration of ICT in the process. It is of special significance for teaching of children with special needs since these students are characterized by deficits that have adverse impacts on their academic performance. Among the learning disabilities, one of the major causes of concern is dyslexia due to its high prevalence and multivariant manifestation and is characterized by marked reading disability. Use of ICT based intervention strategies have shown potential for overcoming these deficits. Integration of ICT to learning renders the teacher training for ICT imperative. The current study attempts to investigate the availability and integration of ICT resources for the education of regular and dyslexic students in Saudi Arabia and the perceptions of teachers regarding its efficacy for the purpose. The study involved participants from primary schools of Riyadh, KSA who were provided questionnaires comprising of close ended questions on their educational qualifications, experience and ICT training; use and availability of ICT related hardware and software; and their opinion regarding the efficacy and obstacles in the use of ICT. Significant results from the quantitative research proved a positive correlation existed between ICT training and efficacy of ICT as an educational tool; thus indicating the importance of teacher training in influencing teachers’ perception and usage of ICT. ICT AND DYSLEXIA For people without disabilities, technology makes things convenient; for people with disabilities………it makes things POSSIBLE. (Treviranus, 2000) Chapter 1: Introduction This chapter introduces use of information and communication technology (ICT) for education of students with dyslexia and the importance of study of various aspects of dyslexia for an individual as well as a teacher. In order to achieve this aim, the chapter attempts to outline the rationale behind the study, followed by an update on special education status with special attention to Saudi Arabia as the researcher’s country of residence as well as United Kingdom (UK); researcher residing in UK for the major part of the research process. Finally the chapter outlines the aims of the research along with the various objectives followed to achieve the aims. 1.1 Introduction The last two decades have witnessed tremendous advances in information and c ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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