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Opinion Polls - Essay Example

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Opinion polls refer to the collection of people's views on a given subject that directly affects them or is relative to their surrounding. The topics involve current issues, famous people, or a particular event that is featuring in both local and international headlines…
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Opinion Polls
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Download file to see previous pages Findings are then tabled, presented or read out to the public so that they know how the whole initiative was received. (Word web online, 2008).
Recently, media companies have also included opinion poll in their prime time bulletins where a sample of the views given out is read and the percentage of the voting shown. The power of these polls can not be taken lightly since they have in many occasions reflected their contributions in decisions made concerning different matters. There are allegations that the results from the polls sometimes do not reveal the reality. The evidence against them is usually demonstrated by parties who see it as being more critical than considerate. These claims go further to indicate that the views presented were in fact not randomly sampled. The argument whether opinion polls should be done away with or the question of their importance in elections needs to be tackled carefully. Opinion polls in last elections would have caused a stir of mixed reactions just incase the final vote outcome went otherwise. Many people were keeping an eye on them, unrest was most likely to occur then.
Liberal Democrats polls indicate that the party is not fairing badly. Its members applause the fact, saying its been a tradition. Recently, polls stood at almost fifty percent before fluctuating. Liberal is blaming conservative for allegedly fixing the election. Members of conservative were denied democratic rights of voting for sitting MEPs contrary to their style where all members cast the ballot in the same box. (Liberal Democrat Voice, 2008).
The Liberal Democrat Opinion has strongly come out against its opponent criticizing them of failure to deliver their promises. Among the issues given the priority include economic recovery, crude oil and its products ever rising prices and the main contest, the ability to retrieve British troops in Iraq and other countries in the Middle East. The two closely competing parties that are conservatives and labour have had fierce battles against each other with the aim of finally being the torch bearer. Elsewhere Labour party continues to give the government headaches, laxity in the judicial system and the controversy in the Home office. There are claims that the government has no clear intention for its citizens. The working force too is clogged with inefficiency, malice among other failures. Opinion polls carried out recently indicate that the voters feel the same way about the order of the day. There have been calls for Blair to resign but he would not just yet.
A lot of interest has been shown by people who closely monitor the activities of the polls. As a result, mixed reactions come up due to different personal views. There are groups who back them totally while others are so against them. Another lot lies neutral but with their recommendations on how these opinion polls can be made better. On rare occasions though people have agreed on poll results only to differ completely when maters they have a hand get voted against. Polls have it that a third of supporters are now backing the Liberal Democrats rather than the two other parties that is, the Conservative and Labour.
In the wake of general elections, polls come in handy and indeed offer statistics about a feel of the real thing on the ground. Labour has taken advantage and taken the priority to ensure Britain's effect globally is still felt. Key roles include ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Opinion Polls Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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