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Cross Subsidizing Political Groups in the Name of Agriculture - Essay Example

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An essay "Cross Subsidizing Political Groups in the Name of Agriculture" outlines that there is a lot of lobbying for and against the trade negotiations inside and outside the international trade bodies. It is not economics, but its impact on politics was the major cause for each country…
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Cross Subsidizing Political Groups in the Name of Agriculture
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Extract of sample "Cross Subsidizing Political Groups in the Name of Agriculture"

Download file to see previous pages The intention of the talk was making fair international law for a balanced trade approach for developing countries.This round could not fetch any results as there was no agreement on farm subsidies and market access.But it also decided to further continue talks in next negotiations. The Ministerial Declaration launching the Doha Development Agenda reflects the "broad agenda" and the focus on development.: It mandates negotiations on agriculture, industrial products, services, intellectual property (geographical indications, TRIPs, and Health), the "Singapore issues" (investment, competition, transparency in government procurement and trade facilitation), WTO rules (anti-dumping, subsidies, regional trade agreements) and trade and environment. Doha Development Agenda, European Union and WTO, Trade Issues, European Unions says that its primary objects in the WTO were multilateral trade rulemaking, market opening, the integration of developing countries in the world trade system and the improvement of the functioning of the WTO  it has believed that doing away with high tariffs, tariff peaks, and tariff escalation will significantly increase trade opportunities between North and South EU points out that market access negotiations on services would help in improving market opportunities for business as well as benefits to consumers worldwide. But it stood against general deregulation or privatization of sectors where principles of public interest are at stake. European Union's stand was that Doha Development Agenda succeed only if development opportunities of individual members, makes a tangible contribution to international efforts in favor of sustainable development and increases. We had seen large protests and processions consequent to every talk. There is a lot of lobbying for and against the trade negotiations inside and outside the international trade bodies. It is not economics, but its impact on domestic politics was the major cause for each and every country.The last one decade has seen a tremendous effort from the developing countries going for substantial efforts to make structural changes in their economies as part of reform agenda. Elimination of export subsidies, reductions in, and tighter criteria for, domestic "trade-distorting" subsidies in developed countries, reduction of tariff peaks and standardization and rationalization of food safety and processing requirements In this background there should have been some efforts from the developed world to genuinely address the concern of the developing world. Anyhow Doha meet was failed in reaching any concrete step before the next talk. In the year2003, Members again get together at Cancún to forge concrete agreement on the Doha round objectives. The focus of Cancun negotiations was on agriculture, industrial goods, trade services and customer codes reforms. But again the developed world and developing world fight in the agriculture sector.Here also rich countries’ farm subsidies such as European Union's Common Agriculture Policies and US governments agro subsidies were the major roadblock. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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