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EU Rights to citizenship - Essay Example

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This story is based on the lives of two groups of people: residents of the European Union and individuals who have moved from Kazakhstan and Hungary in an attempt to find work and settle in the EU. The huge differences present between the lives of the locals and the immigrants to the country are shown…
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EU Rights to citizenship
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Download file to see previous pages Karl and Gabrielle are the two visitors from Kazakhstan while Sylvia belongs to Hungary. Charles, Bill and Muriel play an intricate role in the lives of all three foreign individuals.
The first character Gabrielle has a work permit which qualifies up to three months. Article 6(1) provides that EU citizens shall have the right of residence in another Member State for a period of up to three months without any restrictions or formalities other than the obligation to hold a valid identity card or passport. Also, according to Article 4 and 5 all EU citizens have the right to leave or enter another Member State by having a valid identity card or valid passport. According to Art 7(1) Gabrielle can exceed the three months period if (a) she is engaged in an economic activity in the host Member State such as UK on an employment or self-employed basis, (b) if she has health insurance and (c) if she is following a course of study in the host Member State.
Article (8 a) does not provide every citizen of the Union with an open-ended right to reside freely within every Member State. Gabrielle may have obtained the right of permanent residence in UK after a five years period of continuous legal residence according to Art 16 (1). This is as long as the eviction decision has not been enforced against her by virtue of Art 21. Therefore, she is allowed the right to permanent residence without needing to oblige any conditions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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