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Russian Foreign Policy Master - Essay Example

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By the second half of twentieth century itself, the control over energy was a key factor which shaped the international politics. There have shifts in the balance of power based solely on a particular countries availability of energy resources. Russia which was considered as a lost power following the demise of Soviet Union comes now back to the centre stage of the new world order using its vast energy resources…
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Russian Foreign Policy Master Essay
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"Russian Foreign Policy Master"

Download file to see previous pages It is in a position to capitalise the ever-increasing instability in the Middle East and the consequent dramatic rise in the oil price.
The interests of Russian energy sector and the foreign policy goals of the Russian states are not only interrelated but also closely intertwined. To a great extent, the energy sector in Russia acts as the global carriers of Russian state's immensely self assertive foreign policy. On the other hand, the international expansion of Russia's premier energy enterprises is enormously assisted by the potentials of the Russian state. Oil companies such as Gazprom and LUKoil have strengthened their markets word wide and secured sensitive energy ventures. Their influence goes cut through the strategically important places in Europe. Even the United States has come to rely much upon the Russian energy resources. Moreover, Europe's energy security is considerably depended up on the energy resources of Russia. Hill (2004) makes it clear that "on the surface, given prevailing concerns about energy security and increasing demand in the rising economies of Asia on Russia's eastern borders, Russia's future prospects in energy seem extremely promising" ( Hill, 2004, p.29). Thanks to the increases in oil production since 1999, Russia is now the world's major non-OPEC, and non-Middle East and Persian Gulf, oil supplier. As Peter Davies, BP's chief economist, pointed out in his June 2004 presentation of BP's annual Statistical Review of World Energy, thanks to its fast growth in oil production, between 1998-2003, "Russia alone supplied 46 per cent of world oil consumption growth and exceeded Chinese consumption growth by 23 per cent Russia has the resource base and the potential to increase oil and gas production and exports further - to supply a significant proportion of the world's rising demands ... Russia can - and will - supply an important part of the growing energy needs of Asia".
Resurgent Russia's Energy Highhandedness and the Doctrine of Self-assertive Foreign Policy
There are ample of Russian products which are conquering the global market. Russian popular culture is also gaining momentum across the globe. Its film industry has become one of the leading in the world. The rise in the energy production has led to greater employment creation in both private and public spheres. Russia at present is attracting millions of workers from its neighbouring countries. It is literally absorbing the surplus labour from Eurasia. From 1998 onwards, the booming oil prices have helped Russia to retain its traditional spheres of influence and explore new power blocs. Importantly, oil production too has increased substantially since the end of cold war as new markets such as India and China are being strengthened.
It is the availability of vast energy resources that forms the basis of Russia's resurgence. The efficient and strategic use of energy resources and deals which have long term geo-political implications has substantially helped Russia to regain its old international status as a super power. Most importantly, the oil wealth enabled the Kremlin authorities to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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