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The author examines Nigeria’s Position on the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict with the never-ending conflict between Palestine and Israel, where Nigeria has been one of the supporters to conduct peaceful settlements of the two countries. The country has always been pro-life and an advocate of peace…
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Nigerias Position on the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
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Nigeria’s Position on the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict With the never ending conflict between Palestine and Israel, Nigeria has been one of the supporters to conduct peaceful settlements of the two countries. The country has always been pro-life and an advocate of peace. Nigeria will not take side in either of the two countries, instead, the country will support any peaceful settlement, justice, and solution to the clash of Palestine and Israel. According to S.A. Adekanye, the General Assembly in 2004 decided that the Palestinian issue must be settled on the basis of international legitimacy. The General Assembly reiterated that it is always illegal to acquire a territory by use of force or any threat and found that Israel has been breaching the international law. The conflict between the two countries has been present for a long time, thus there is a need to settle the situation between the two. Without taking the side of the Palestine, the country supports the call for Israel to respect and honour its responsibilities and obligations in the international community. Nigeria encourages that both country will do everything to make peace in good faith. Palestine should also stop any act of dispute and violence and make peace. The two countries should make compromises to arrive at a suitable peace agreement (UNGA 10/10246). Until today, Nigeria has been very supportive of the Middle East peace process however, the country felt a little frustration regarding the progress of the negotiation. According to Kio Solomon Amieyeofori, the success of the negotiation was up to the concerned parties, Palestine and Israel. The country still supports the Road Map peace plan as the solution to the continuous conflict of the two countries. The country encourages stopping Israel’s settlement-related activities in East Jerusalem and West Bank and calls to freeze the militant attacks in Gaza. Nigeria thinks that the militant attacks were unhelpful and not good solutions to the conflict. The country calls for a peaceful negotiation between the two countries (UNSC 6520/10230). The country clearly supports the peace agreement and conflict resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Nigeria has good relations with the two countries and wishes to end the suffering of both the Palestine and Israel. The leaders of the country believe that the killing ground does not offer any good to Palestine and Israel and the citizens of both countries are the ones suffering because of this. Thus, Nigeria will remain neutral when it comes to the two countries but is eager to support any peaceful negotiation to end the conflict between Palestine and Israel. . References: U.N. General Assembly, 10th Emergency Sess. Draft Resolution by the General Assembly. 10/10246. World Court’s Decision on Israeli Security Barrier July 16, 2004. Available at: UN Documentation Centre, U.N. Security Council, 6520th Meeting. 6520/10230. Stalemate in Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations Persists, ‘Bold and Decisive’ Steps Needed to Resolve Conflict, United Nations Political Head Tells Security Council April 21, 2011. Available at: UN Documentation Centre, Read More
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