What role do the concepts of virtu and fortuna play in Machiavellis political thought - Essay Example

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The essentialness of leadership is actualized when a balanced state or jurisdiction is achieved.Leadership,perhaps,is the oldest form of responsibility bestowed upon the people.Biblically,there were Adam and Eve as “stewards” of Creation,while history speaks of ancient tribes with their respective leaders as earliest evidence of organized states…
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What role do the concepts of virtu and fortuna play in Machiavellis political thought
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Extract of sample "What role do the concepts of virtu and fortuna play in Machiavellis political thought"

Download file to see previous pages The essentialness of leadership is actualized when a balanced state or jurisdiction is achieved.Leadership,perhaps,is the oldest form of responsibility bestowed upon the people.Biblically,there were Adam and Eve as “stewards” of Creation,while history speaks of ancient tribes with their respective leaders as earliest evidence of organized states. In the 1500’s, an Italian of noble ancestors rose to be in line with the rulers of his time. He is Niccolo Machiavelli, whose The Prince envisioned a leader in its perfect form in terms of success of ruling. Machiavellian thought undermines the modern political philosophy which basically governs the constitution of most powerful nations. Specifically the twin concept of Virtu and Fortuna, Machiavelli’s principle was born out of the nation’s tormented political situation. The concepts presented in his book The Prince owe much to virtu and fortuna as main foundations of Machiavelli’s political thought. Italy in the time of Niccolo Machiavelli Persistence against the Italian monarchy would describe the end of life for most Italians. Europe, during the dusk of the Middle Ages and the dawn of the Renaissance is a place of real-life nightmare. If there is one good thing about the oppression of Italians, it is the blossoming of ideologies inspired by the severity of social and political assault. . However, this was shortly after the Medici family has regained control of Florence. On May 3, 1469, Niccolo Machiavelli was born in Florence, Italy. Unlike the unfortunate Italians in his time, he was born in a family of nobility and political position, which made him unlikely to experience the uneven treatment of the poor in most Italian communities--although the Italian awakening is a better time for Italy. However when the Medici had gone out to regain power, Machiavelli’s political position consequently diminished when he was accused of tyranny and betrayal of the oligarchical government. “Machiavelli was a direct victim of regime change” (“Niccolo Machiavelli,” n.d.) and that the only chance of him to survive was the steadfast opinions regarding Florentine princedom. He made several attempts of reviving his place in the government which resulted to his most notable work, II Princepe (The Prince). The book is a collection of “critiques of traditional moral norms and ideologies” (The European, 2010). It has been said that the book is a form of persuasion to prove the Medicis that he values loyalty and service to the present government. Much appreciated by Lorenzo de Medici, he gained partial reconciliation with the government. The Prince (An Overview) The highlights of Machiavelli’s thought are its complexity and looking beyond the values of norms and its role in the ruling of a kingdom. Viroli (1998) wrote that the Machiavelli contains a significant aspect of “spiritual narrowness,” that life is constantly governed by reasons, and objectivity towards any subject is the key to the strength of public governance. Politics’ austerity towards the issue of infallible loyalty during the Medici regime may one that drove Machiavelli to think the way he did in times when he realized that his status would become a sinking ship. Although written in a traditional style of “mirror of prices” genre, the book teaches a different pattern of didacticism which other critiques of his time regard as inappropriate or in the worst case, immoral. According to Kniatt and Johnson (2007), The Prince contains three aspects in which the principles are tightly knitted together. They believe that the book holds the faces of sarcasm, double entendres and Science. Sarcasm is an important element used by Machiavelli in delivering his sentiments and criticisms in the government he was in. The terms “part reconciliation with the government” may imply that Machiavelli discovered certain irregularities in the Medici regime. Knowing not of ways on how to directly criticize, he used ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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