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Wind Power System for Isolated Applications - Research Paper Example

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This essay analyzes that among the possible energy sources, wind energy is one of the most promising and feasible sources in some places. (Mutschler, 2002, 11). Wind energy, as a renewable energy source, has the potential of being cost-effective and has a high capacity factor…
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Wind Power System for Isolated Applications
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Extract of sample "Wind Power System for Isolated Applications"

Download file to see previous pages Variable speed wind power generation is superior to fixed speed generation in that when compared to the latter, it has a high energy yield (Goodfellow, 2004, 250) allows good and robust control of power generation, and has lower power and torque pulsations. A typical configuration of a wind energy generation system is shown below.
Naturally, the blades interact with wind and convert wind energy into mechanical energy at the shaft. The wind turbine, which includes couplings, dampers, and gearboxes, conveys the mechanical energy harvested at the blade shaft to the shaft of the generator system. (Heier, 2006, 2) The generator system, with its generator and power electronics, performs electro-mechanical energy conversion to generate electrical power to the power grid. Typical wind turbine characteristics are shown below.
The turbine speed has to vary, according to the wind speed, to maximize the energy being harvested. If the wind speed is higher than the rated wind speed, the turbine speed has to be decreased to limit the power output to its rated value. As controlling the blade pitch angle can only limit but not to maximize the power output, a good design to the control of the generator system becomes essential for variable speed systems so as to maximize as well as to limit the power generation There are several types of generators for variable speed wind power generation, which are, namely, cage induction generators, synchronous generators, wound rotor induction generators with variable rotor resistances, doubly fed induction generators (DFIGs), brushless doubly fed induction generators, and switched reluctance generators. (Heier, 2006, 01)
Among them, cage induction generators, synchronous generators, and switched reluctance generators require power electronic converters having the same ratings as that of generators. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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