Why Sir Isacc Newton is important - Essay Example

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He was born in 1642 in England and passed on in 1727 at the age of 84 years (Smith 1). He lived during a time when there was little scientific knowledge to explain the forces of…
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Why Sir Isacc Newton is important
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Why Sir Isaac Newton is Important Isaac Newton is a famous and one of the most influential persons of all time in the field of science. He was born in 1642 in England and passed on in 1727 at the age of 84 years (Smith 1). He lived during a time when there was little scientific knowledge to explain the forces of nature and aspects of normal life. Religious beliefs were used to account processes of nature thou were not accurate scientifically. However, Newton transformed the society and perceptions on nature and is considered the father of scientific revolutions due to his contributions that have stood long even after his death to the present.
Newton contributed important concepts of science, such as in physics that surpassed other discoveries of his time. He discovered the forces of motions of people and objects in the world and universe that led to an understanding of the forces of nature (Kaminski 1). These forces are published in the books in the field of Physics. He described the motion of things and people using three major principles that are taught in the present and form basis for industrial activities. For instance, he showed that objects remain in their positions unless when moved, and would move in straight lines to the force applied. In addition, objects would offer would offer an equal and opposite reaction for every action force. Newton also discovered and explained the force of gravity that acts on all bodies and people. The force of gravity is very important since explains the solar systems and other items in the universe (Whipps 1). The force of gravity explains the movement of the earth and the moon, which cause ocean water currents and as well as explaining bulging of the earth around the equator. He explained the importance of gravitational force in the movement of people by pulling them towards the center of the earth. He also enriched the field of physics through the developments of in movement of fluids as well as optics(Kaminski 1). Many optical substances and fluid flow systems in industries are based on his discoveries. He also developed a practical telescope as well as observed the multi-color properties of light using prisms.
Newton also contributed to the other areas such as mathematics through development of important formula that are still applicable solving mathematical situations in the present (A&E 1). For instance, he laidthe foundation for the development of modern calculus and developed the formula for computing areas of curved or spherical objects that enabled solutions and breakthrough in mathematics. In addition to mathematical contributions, Newton also did work in other fields such as theology and alchemy though most contributions were not documented.
From the above Newton’s contributions, it can be seen that Newton had a deep understanding of the discoveries he brought forth. In addition, his works were not comparable with other people whose contributions are not well known or applied in the modern world. However, the discoveries made by Newton have stood valid in the modern developments in the field of scientific study of the natural universe. His mastery of the various areas is also notable. From these contributions it can be seen that Newton was a very influential person during his days and his work is still useful today.
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Why Sir Isacc Newton Is Important Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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