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This is a very popular saying in the world of discovery. If there was no curiosity yesterday we would not have so many astounding discoveries in the scientific and technological world today. There are many scientific and technological discoveries…
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Scientific Discovery
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Running head: Scientific Discovery Inspired by Science Fiction SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY INSPIRED BY SCIENCE FICTION Goes Here al Affiliation Goes Here
The paper discusses the scientific discovery of the atomic bomb which was inspired by the monumental science fiction work by HG Wells called World Set Free.

Scientific Discovery Inspired by Science Fiction
Curiosity leads to discovery. This is a very popular saying in the world of discovery. If there was no curiosity yesterday we would not have so many astounding discoveries in the scientific and technological world today. There are many scientific and technological discoveries that are the brainchild of some science fiction writer. This essay is discusses one such discovery (atomic bomb) that was a thought as science fiction in the past, ultimately led to a real scientific breakthrough based on that idea of the science fiction author (H.G. Wells).
How the Technology Was Used In Science Fiction
Dr. Patrick B Sharp discusses how Wells had established the connection of atomic bomb in his book Savage Perils where Wells extrapolated the work of British chemist named Frederick Soddy, who worked on radioactivity. It was remarkable that Wells has mentioned that term on the pages of his book ‘The World Set Free’ in 1914, which made it obvious that the forecast of the writers may prove to be very accurate.
The Scientific Breakthrough that Led to its Implementation in Reality
Dr. Patrick B. Sharp quoted that the term “atomic bomb” was coined by H. G. Wells and he was the one who popularized the same. The fiction of Wells led to a scientific breakthrough. The application of principles in atomic energy and radioactivity combined to create the “Atomic Bomb” that was used during World War II.
Moral Questions of This New Technology
The moral question was whether or not this astounding discovery is used for the betterment of the society or for destruction. It was analyzed by many groups that the contributions of the atomic bomb in military technology and misuse for war purposes, was real and could lead to death of millions of people. Despite the fact that it can be used as nuclear power to harness enormous energy, the moral responsibility of individual scientists in wartime was the bigger issue.
Ways in Which the Technology Can Be Used To Gain Unfair Advantage
The whole world is aware of what had happened when President Truman ordered to drop the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II. Japan feels the radioactive effect of destruction even today after more than 60 years. Today there are many nations in the world who has nuclear power and there is no guarantee that they would not use this technology to over-power their enemy, which will surely jeopardize the pursuit of life, liberty, or happiness of the common people.
How the Technology May Be Used For Evil
The atomic bomb dropping of America on Japan after World War II is the best instance that can be cited to prove the evil of this astounding scientific discovery. During that time, only few nations had nuclear power but today most of the nations have nuclear power, which they can use for acts of terrorism. However, the nuclear nations cannot do it just at their will since they all are bound by nuclear treaties in forums such as UN, NATO or G8 Summits. The book “Ancient Atom Bomb” by Jason Colavito explores the potential for evil. The present escalation of tension in Iran and North Korea is due to the risks of the atomic bomb. This paragraph by Wells hundred years ago still describes the threat of the atomic bomb in our future.
“Never before in the history of warfare had there been a continuing explosive; indeed, up to the middle of the twentieth century the only explosives known were combustibles whose explosiveness was due entirely to their instantaneousness; and these atomic bombs which science burst upon the world that night were strange even to the men who used them.” (Wells, p.100, 1914). 
Wells, H. G. (1914). The World Set Free. Read More
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