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It can be used to develop hardware that will help make patient diagnosis easier or, it can also be used to pursue scientific studies that could lead to the possible eradication of certain…
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Million Dollar Invention
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There are many ways that a medical professional or scientist can spend a million dollars. It can be used to develop hardware that will help make patient diagnosis easier or, it can also be used to pursue scientific studies that could lead to the possible eradication of certain illnesses. In my case though, I would use the money more for the scientific discovery of the DNA strands that cause illnesses.
I would use the million dollars in order to set up a research facility whose sole purpose is to study the evolution of the human DNA and discover what sets each chain apart from the other. I have this belief that each DNA strand in human beings eventually spin off into various functions and develop certain intricacies which dictate if that particular DNA chain will result in a future illness for a person. By following the DNA strands development rather than manipulating it for specific scientific purposes, I believe I will be able to unlock the reasons as to why certain people are predisposed to certain illnesses.
I realize that my dream of unlocking the secrets that the human DNA holds in relation to our illnesses may seem laughable at the moment. But take a step back and just think about it. The human DNA is the basis of human life and yet are still merely discovering the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the nitty gritty of how it functions and how it affects our health and well being. Therefore, studying its evolution until it produces an illness is something that will definitely have a positive effect in the development of future health care solutions.
After successfully analyzing and segregating the DNA chains by the resulting illnesses, I will then concentrate on developing a medical test that shall successfully identify the DNA markers that each person carries which can tell the medical professional exactly what kind of illnesses the person he is treating shall be prone to. This should effectively eliminate or lessen the existence of certain illnesses since the development of the DNA chain into that particular strand can now be retarded, prevented, or cured.
Such a medical discovery shall definitely be far ahead of its time and would definitely result in my names addition to the roster of noted names in the scientific field that have discovered and/or prevented illnesses from happening. More so when the public finds out that I managed to accomplish all of those things with only a million dollars backing my scientific and medical endeavors. Read More
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