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Some believe that a helicopter is safer than a plane. Some have even argued using the statistics of the fallen helicopters or plane. The debate goes on and on, but, one must note that there are some places…
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Helicopter vs Planes
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Helicopter vs Planes al Affiliation: Many people have different views about safety of helicopter and plane. Some believe that a helicopter is safer than a plane. Some have even argued using the statistics of the fallen helicopters or plane. The debate goes on and on, but, one must note that there are some places that you cannot avoid either to travel on either plane or helicopter. Such case led to a huge debate in relation to what one must use to travel. Based on my view, helicopters are safe than an airplane.
Traveling on a helicopter is safer than on an airplane. There are times whereby an engine of an airplane or helicopter fails. Research indicates that a person on the helicopter has high chances of making it safely to the ground than one on an airplane. Survival on a helicopter is possible because of autorotation of the rotor blade. The rotor blades of a helicopter go on rotating when engine fails. Helicopter pilots are well aware of this phenomenon because they practice a lot during training. They are thought to switch off the engine and land a helicopter (Hiskey, 2012).
A significant number of accidents happen as a result of human error. If one travels using a helicopter on bad weather or flying onto wires he or she is likely to cause accident. Someone might argue that planes are much safer because it always fly at high altitude than a helicopter making it much safer. However, as mentioned above, accidents only happen due to pilot error. An airplane could be more dangerous than helicopter in case engines fails. It will fall at high speed than a helicopter; helicopter utilizes autorotation as mentioned earlier (Hiskey, 2012). In conclusion, it is much safer to travel on a helicopter than an airplane. It is easy to control helicopter when engine fails.
Hiskey, D. (2012). Helicopters Won’t Just Drop Like a Rock if the Engine Dies, They are Actually Designed to Be Able to Land Safely This Way. Retrieved from Read More
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