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Solid State Physics - Essay Example

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Despite the major steps taken towards explaining the mechanisms involve in simple and nanostructured semiconductors, the mechanisms of dislocations are still unclear. Thus, various…
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Solid State Physics
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Download file to see previous pages The models apply varied scientific principles in exploring the dislocation dynamics of semiconductors. In all the models, nucleation and propagation occur in successions. Dislocation in semiconductors is affected by factors like changes in temperatures and the presence of impurities. Dislocation dynamics is responsible for the plastic and ductile nature of most semiconductors. Dislocation is an important aspect in the physics of materials and requires extensive research.
Dislocations dynamics is significant in the physics (mechanical and electrical) of semiconductors. Dislocations carry plasticity along crystalline elements. Moreover, the dislocations form centers that trap and scatter electronic carriers. Numerous experimental information regarding the dislocation dynamics of semiconductors that are tetrahedral bonded are available in various research articlesi. The principal slip systems for silicon are the 60°, while the orientation of the screw dislocations falls along the slip planeii. The two systems form a slithered configuration and dissociate to form pairs of fractional dislocations that bound ribbons of inherent stacking faultiii. Dissociations reduce the energy utilized in strain. Moreover, the lower the energy of the stacking faults, the more favorable the dislocations occur, energetically. The theory holds for semi-conductors (III-V and II-VI) and germanium.
Thin films semiconductors are an engineering marvel in the contemporary science world. For instance, the polycrystalline thin films that have reduced defect concentration are omnipresent to contemporary engineeringiv. The reduced defect concentration facilitates the processingv. In conjunction with curiosity in scientific practices, many applications trigger intensive research of the procedures involved in the processing of polycrystalline (semi-conductor) thin films. Typical examples of compounds with polycrystalline thin films include copper and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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