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Introduction to the Universe - Essay Example

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The differences in the sounds made can be attributed to the nature, structure and properties of the materials beneath the skin. In the forehead, there is a thin layer of flesh…
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Introduction to the Universe
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"Introduction to the Universe"

Download file to see previous pages Scientists use these properties to deduce the internal structure of the earth.
The study of the interior of the earth uses seismic waves. They are P-waves and S-waves. P-waves are longitudinal and, thus, they can travel through solids and liquids. S-waves are transverse. Thus, they can only travel through solids. P-waves also travel faster than S-waves. Geologists use these properties to study the internal structure of the earth. When the seismic waves pass through different layers, they get refracted. The same waves undergo reflection when they hit hard surfaces at certain angles. Seismometers located at various parts of the earth record the occurrence and properties of the seismic waves. The data can then be analyzed to ascertain the properties of the elements of the earth’s interior. In the analysis, the data recorded by seismometers is used to determine the distribution of P-waves and S-waves. In a region where the seismometers detect P-waves but not S-waves, it can be inferred that molten materials must have intercepted the S-waves. Thus, geologists use known properties of waves to study the internal structure of the earth (
Atoms have negative electrons that orbit around a nucleus that is positively charged. The nucleus has electrically neutral neutrons and positively charged protons. An atom has equal protons in the nucleus as the number of orbiting electrons. An atom in such a state is said to be electrically neutral. The protons determine the element that the atom represents. Bohr’s atom model was an early attempt that explained how atoms produce absorption and emission line spectra. An atom’s normal condition is when it possesses minimum energy at ground state. An orbiting electron can escape from the atom when given enough energy that is then termed as ionized. An atom can also absorb an atom from neighboring atoms. Between the atom and ion states, the electron ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Introduction to the Universe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words)
Introduction to the Universe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
“Introduction to the Universe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words”, n.d.
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The Origin of the Universe a very successful model for the history of the universe that imposed itself on a reluctant scientific community. However, as mentioned in the introduction, this model brings forth a number of puzzling paradoxes that could either be conveniently avoided by invoking special initial conditions or be resolved by searching for an exegetic mechanism. The first challenge is to explain why the initial push of the explosion was so exquisitely well fine-tuned. If the push of the explosion had been ever so slightly stronger than it actually was, matter would have dispersed so fast that it would have been impossible for gravity to create the structure we now observe: the billions of galaxies populating the...
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U09a1 Universe Review the cosmic microwave background back in the early universe to create the large scale structure we observe in the universe today. Dark energy, which also goes by the names of the cosmological constant or quintessence, must exist due to the rate of expansion we observe for our universe. Not only is the universe expanding, but this expansion is also accelerating so the unknown 'anti-gravity' force at work is termed 'dark energy'. Some researchers are searching for an explanation that encompasses both dark matter and dark energy. One example of such a theory uses a form of energy called a scalar field (it is a field because it has magnitude, energy and pressure, but it is...
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...jolted. My body quivered and shivered at the chill that ran down my spine. I opened my eyes slowly as the light shrieked through my retinas and flooded into my brain cells. Things felt weird; they looked and even smelt different. Confusion whipped itself all over me because I remembered being within the confines of my room just a few moments ago. Random images of mundane conversations with my family, the dinner that was cooked every single day, flashes from the television, my sister’s gleeful laughter; all of this felt like a downpour, yet I felt miles away from all that commotion. All of a sudden, I felt insecure and understood how badly I wanted to be in the middle of all that, that very instant. This had to be an alternate...
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History of the Universe to collapse. The rapid contraction causes the star's core to rebound into a core-collapse supernova. c) In no more that 100 words explain why the way in which massive stars die is important for the chemical evolution of the universe. Massive stars fuse lighter elements into heavier elements such as helium, carbon, oxygen, and silicon. The rapid super-nova of a star bombards atomic particles and also produces new elements. This is how the universe continues to manufacture new elements and replenish existing elements. d) In no more than 100 words explain why the end points in the life of low mass stars are important in allowing astronomers to understand the expansion history of the...
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...Across The Universe “Across the universe”, is a superb film, which is stunning as it is. The film opens up vistas of imagination in a way that rock and roll, and the youths have been known to do, a film that tickles a nerve for people willing to let genuine emotion and aesthetics sweep them. A good question that the film poses to the viewer is in the area of music; does the music used in the film help, in the achievement of the film’s goals? This paper looks at the kind of music found in this film and the effect that this music has over the final success of the film. The film is a story of the 1960’s revolution and has been set to a tune of songs that defined that era. The film is brilliant for its...
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...The universe 4th August The universe This paper seeks to discuss fundamentals of matter. The paper explores properties of mixtures, compounds, and bonding. Difference between a mixture and a compound Even though both mixtures and compounds are products of elements, they have a number of differences. One of the differences between a mixture and a compound is that a mixture can be separated by physical methods while a compound can only be separated by chemical methods. The physical methods only involve movements of the mixture’s components without any form of reaction as in separation of compounds. As a result, separation of mixtures does not change composition of the components while separation of...
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...The Elegant Universe There are billions of galaxies in the universe and within each galaxy, there are billions of stars and our sun is only one star in the ocean of galaxies. Compared with the size of the universe, our existence seems puny. In this regard, it can safely be said that our planet Earth is not unique and there are many Earth-like exoplanets in the sense that they lie within the habitable zone of their host star. Moreover, it is highly probable that water could be found on at least one of the planets out of many billions. However, we have just been considering life forms that may have developed in the presence of water and in the earth-like conditions but there is every...
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...Space, the amazing universe Space is defined as a place where only air exists. However, science has a different explanation to the term. Scientist defer in the description of space. Substantivalists say that space is an independent object that exists all by its self as it does not contain any matter. In this case, space is independent. Religionists argue that space cannot exist as a single entity. Scientifically, space is an independent variable that does not require other entities in order to attain its full definition. The galaxy is made of objects that exist in space but do not form space itself. The universe is a phenomenon made up of various forces that combine to ensure the existence of life. There are four major forces... in a...
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... Exploring the Universe One way my worldview has changed because of astronomy 1001 is the adjustment of my perception of the scopes of my size and role on earth relative to the cosmos. Exploring the universe has opened my eyes to the part I play on earth while alive and how it relates to the cosmos. My introduction to astronomy has allowed me to learn the true significance of the universe, its origin, and my existence in it. Images taken by telescopes from leading observatories and space agencies are proof of the magnificence that is the universe. Admitting that the cosmos make up a marvelous spectacle shows my change in the perception of reality in relation to my role in it. I found the data that assisted in the exploration... of the...
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