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The Big Bang Theory - Coursework Example

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The paper "The Big Bang Theory" states that in 2001, suggestions of two or more copies of the universe existing on higher dimensions called “branes.” Some of these may be located near each other, enough to produce collisions over very long periods of time. …
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The Big Bang Theory
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Extract of sample "The Big Bang Theory"

Download file to see previous pages The age of the universe was estimated based on the temperature, correlation function of galaxies and the Type Ia Supernovae which fill the universe. The exact process started with an expansion, followed by inflation. Elements and particles started forming as the inflation ended; the universe continued its expansion. Along with the activity, the temperature dropped extremely and the energy of the forming particles declined. Great energy that holds the particles called quarks together into protons and neutrons became independent and indistinguishable owing to its electromagnetic and weak forces. The protons and neutrons fused to create deuterium as well as the helium nuclei and trace amount of lithium. These elements are still abundant and found in the universe today—about 75 per cent of it is hydrogen, while helium makes the 25 per cent; traces of other heavier elements are also there to make up the ordinary matter in the starts. Hundreds of thousands of years later, photons no longer interacted immediately after they are made. Electrons were then captured by the heavy elements to create the primordial atoms. And after millions of years, the universe is now what we know today (The Primordial Soup, 2000).
Unlike the common misconception that the big bang actually suggests an explosion that stimulated the birth of our universe, the standard theory talks rather about an expansion that created space (, 2010). The misconception of an explosion was believed to have rooted from the term “big bang” itself, which was used by the proponent of the Steady State Theory Sir Fred Hoyle in 1950. Hoyle, who was Hubble’s opponent in establishing the development of the universe, had trouble understanding the idea of a growing universe (Feuerbacher & Scranton, 2006). Hubble used the term not only to refer to that particular instant when the pragmatic expansion of the cosmos started but as well as to the general astral model that illuminates the development and expansion of the cosmos.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Big Bang Theory Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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The Big Bang Theory

... (Hawking and Ellis 230), that the big bang theory has sought to provide. The theory also stems from the ideology that some heat residuals should have remained in the universe. This is supported by the discovery of the cosmic microwave that occurred in 1965 (Eastman and Missler 122). The effects of the big bang theory are several. On one hand, it has tried to explain how the universe started existing; while raising many questions on the other. The most apparent of these effects is that it has elicited a lot of interest in further scientific studies in an attempt to justify its credibility (Hawking and Ellis 155). The studies keep on giving some substance to this mystery, but not yet given a satisfactory answer. Largely, the theory has...
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The Big Bang

...” or the core zones of the black holes had been subjected to high intensity of gravitational pressure that they can be thought of to consist of an infinite density. This consequently directed the universe to be understood in the light of the singularity concept in being infinitely hot and boundlessly dense while the universe at its initial state is also infinitesimally small. Nevertheless, the exact source of ‘singularity’ remains unknown beyond nearly accurate speculations. Moreover, based on the Big Bang theory, the universe rapidly undergoes expansion since the beginning of time and “the more distant the light source is, the greater the rate of expansion and ‘redshift’ is as well. This theory further claims that it is the universe...
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What happens in the Big Bang

A normal misconception about the theory is that it depicts the root of the universe. That is not exactly right. The big bang is an effort to illustrate how the universe was created from an exceptionally minor, thick state into what it is today. It does not try to illustrate what started the production of the universe, or what preceded the big bang or even what lies outside the universe.
An alternate confusion is that the big bang was a sort of eruption. That is not correct either. The big bang depicts the development of the universe. While a few forms of the theory allude to a incredibly quick expansion (potentially faster than the speed of light), it’s still not a blast in the actual sense. (Gefter, 2012)
Summing up the b...
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Current Age of the Universe According to the Big Bang Theory

...understanding emerges from the Big Bang Theory, which has come to be accepted amongst most astronomers due to the overwhelming evidence in its favor. The core of the Big Bang Theory is that approximately 13 billion years ago, the universe suddenly exploded into existence during an occurrence that is now referred to as the Big Bang. It is unknown what occurred exactly before the Big Bang, as this was not an explosion in space and time, but was an explosion of space and time. “For a fraction of a second 10-34 to 10-32, the universe expanded at faster than the speed of...
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