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General science journal/research/argumentative paper - Essay Example

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Studies on the validity of the big bang theory have created divisions in the society making scholars develop divergent opinion concerning the application of theories while explaining the origin of the universe. The scholarly body houses both proponents and the opponents of the…
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General science journal/research/argumentative paper
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Download file to see previous pages For instance, religious people believe that God created the universe whereas scientists use theories to provide explanations. According to religious leaders, it is wrong for scientist to devise scientific explanations to the formation of the universe.
The theory is an explanation to the events that lead to the formation of the universe. According to the theory, the universe took shape 13 billion years ago. Its formation begun by the expansion of matter that later cooled off to form the earth and other objects in the universe. The reactions bunched together matter at different densities before diversifying the components of the matter into space (Fox 231). Records indicate that application of the theory became apparent in the late 20th century, when scientists used it to explain the movement of spiral nebulae within space.
One of the controversies surrounding the formation in the universe is the availability of records that validates the big bang theory. According to Kowalski (2), scholars believe it is inappropriate to use the theory because it bases arguments on assumptions. Consequently, the validity of the theory is questionable because several scientists have disapproved the validity of theory (Kowalski 19). Religious leaders believe that God made the universe and they have gone to the extent of using biblical examples in explaining the formation of the universe. Besides, scientists use the theory to explain the finite nature of the universe and not the formation of the universe. Lastly, the application of such a theory causes a worrying trend to religious authorities.
According to Williams & John (91), religious authorities are opposed to studies on the theory since scientists are rushing when formulating false explanations concerning formation of the universe. Christian scholars believe the theory is misleading. Moreover, the complexity of the debate raises controversies in the public domain making it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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