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Physics assignment - Essay Example

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A medium in this context refers to any substance that a wave travels in. During the occurrence of waves, the particles in the medium remain constant. Only the energy of the particles is…
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Physics assignment
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Download file to see previous pages This research will focus on using wave models to describe and give various properties concerning waves. During the research, there will be some demonstrations to prove that traveling waves propagate. Though, the particles of the medium are stagnant. Various properties of waves will be studied. Among the main properties of waves is the speed at which waves travel through a given medium. Wavelength is also another property of the waves that will be considered in depth and lastly the wave frequency.
Another area of research will be determining the different types of waves. The distinct properties of waves will be considered in order to identify and classify various types of waves in existence. Waves make particles of the medium in which they are travelling to be displaced. This displacement of particles affects their equilibrium positions in the medium. For a string, the particles to be displaced are either small segments of the string or its sections. Wave displacement forms a crucial while discussing about formation of harmonic oscillations commonly referred to as sinusoidal waves.
Wave speed: Taking a look at travelling waves, it becomes clear that waves have a source. A laboratory practical to analyses the source and behavior of waves will be carried out. During the laboratory experiment, a metal wire, sensor, pulley and a hanging mass will be connected as shown in the set up below.
The hanging mass is attached at the end of the string to provide tension. When a horizontal pick is used to pluck the string just at the pulley, a pulse is created in the string and travels along it in form of a disturbance. A timer is started by the pulse created in the wire by the plucking effect. The timer continues recording the time until the traveling pulse reaches the sensor, which stops it. When the mass attached to the other end of the string is changed, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Physics Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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