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Water wave - Research Paper Example

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These ripples are known as water waves. Generally waves are divided into three namely: transverse, longitudinal waves and water waves. This paper…
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Water wave
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Download file to see previous pages Thirdly, it was found out that water waves are divided into three main groups namely: Shallow water wave, Intermediate depth wave, and Deep water wave. It was found out that the distinction between shallow water waves and deep water waves is not associated with oceans’ or seas’ absolute depth. The distinction is usually determined with the ratio of depth of water to wave’s wavelength. Finally, the research paper found that molecules of water in water waver normally exhibit circular motion (orbit) in deep sea water wave, and as the depth of ocean or sea increases, the diameter of the orbit decreases.
A disturbance of any type on water (be it on the surface of water, in the water or at the bottom of the water) normally causes wave; this wave is known as water wave. These disturbances on water may include: a pebble that strikes the surface of the water, earthquake, boat movement or even wind among others (Dingemans, 2007). When an individual stands at a beach and closely observe how water waves break and roll in, or even observe surface of disturbed water, the individual might see that the disturbed water is actually travelling towards the shore, or towards the boundaries of the container that holds the disturbed water (Stoker, 2011). Actually no water is moving towards the shore or the boundary of the container that holds the water. When a closer look is made on an object that floats on the water, it is observed that the object moves towards the shore or towards the boundary of the container on the wave crest, and moves the same distance away from the shore with the wave trough (Hermans, 2011).
Several researches have been done regarding the properties of water wave. These properties include: the pattern of water waves, water wave wavelength, water wave frequency, water wave amplitude, types of water wave, what ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Water Wave Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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