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Basic Water Conservation in California and discover a way conserving water can save energy - Essay Example

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California situated on the west coast of United States of America has been experiencing water problems from the past few decades. The situation calls for the timely identification and employment of proper water conservation techniques otherwise the condition may worsen in future…
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Basic Water Conservation in California and discover a way conserving water can save energy
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Extract of sample "Basic Water Conservation in California and discover a way conserving water can save energy"

Download file to see previous pages Its primary aim is to educate the people about various ways of saving this natural resource; only with little alterations in lifestyle, this goal can easily be achieved. (CALIFORNIA'S WATER: A CRISIS WE CAN'T IGNORE, September 2007)
Water supply in California has been severely reduced in recent years thus affecting the common people and business farms in Central, Northern and Southern California. In August 2007, water supplies from two large water delivery systems were cut in order to protect endangered fish species. Delta, the natural estuary, which waters about 2.5 million acres of farmland and 25 million Californians, is experiencing ecological crisis, thereby threatening the environment as well as the people of the state. Already, the growing water uncertainties and reduced water supplies are forcing the farmers to stop cultivation in some prime agricultural lands in the state; in turn, it is affecting the important industries of the state. Moreover, there is a possibility that the aging of Delta levees might also cripple the water deliveries in California for a long period. Rapid growth of California's population is a threat, as there has been no significant improvement in the delivery system as well as the water storage system of the state. The water reserves of the state are relatively low and might not be able to meet up to the public demand, if there is disruption in the water delivery system of the state. Climatic changes in this zone are also an important factor for the growing concern of water conservation. The state has experienced severe drought conditions over the years and the year 2007 has been a record dry year in some of the regions in California. The changes in the climatic condition are also reducing mountain snow pack, which is an important source of natural water storage. Due to this condition, Californians might experience severe floods and long droughts in future. (CALIFORNIA'S WATER: A CRISIS WE CAN'T IGNORE, September 2007)
Water Conservation Techniques
(Tommy Foley, n.d.)
Irrigated Agriculture of California
Owing to the Mediterranean climate and unique geographical features, California has become a productive agricultural region in whole world. Sierra Nevada mountain range situated at the eastern border of California captures and stores the winter rainfall that can be used for irrigation during summer months. This water storage along with Mediterranean climate is favorable for the growth of a large variety of crops. Growing awareness of the environmental requirements of water along with population growth has compelled California agriculture to use water efficiently so that more amount of water is available for environmental and urban uses. Several management strategies and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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