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How does the plate tectonics theory help explain the existence of fossilized marine life in rocks atop the Ural Mountains Be sure to include a description of the specific process(es) - Essay Example

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Many theories have been put forward trying to explain the presence but most significant is the plate tectonic theory. This paper explains the…
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How does the plate tectonics theory help explain the existence of fossilized marine life in rocks atop the Ural Mountains Be sure to include a description of the specific process(es)
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"How does the plate tectonics theory help explain the existence of fossilized marine life in rocks atop the Ural Mountains Be sure to include a description of the specific process(es)"

Download file to see previous pages With time, the fossils collected and accumulated on the sea bed. Geologists describe the area on which the mountains exist to be at the edge of two active tectonic plates: Baltica and Siberia. The tectonic plates are considered to be constructive plates. The two tectonic plates collided and their forces pushed the plates against one another in a constant force. The force was so intense that it pushed the earth’s crust beyond its elastic limit. With time the earth’s crust got compressed as folded upwards resulting to the Ural Mountains. This was a gradual process that lasted for many years.
The area that was formerly covered by the Palaeoralic Ocean was now part of the Ural Mountains. It took with it the fossil remains that was on the sea bed. The water that was contained in the ocean was displaced as result of rise in altitude of the area. Considering that the fossils had been in existence for over millions of years and that they were several of kilometers deep, it was impossible for the environmental factors like rain to completely wear out the fossil remains (Wright, 1977). In addition, the weight of the water along with other forces had compacted together the fossils forming semimetal rocks which currently exist on the top of Ural Mountains. This theory unlike other theories is credible and fully arguable especially in its endeavor to explain the existence of sedimentary rocks atop the Ural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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