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Give any topic that is related with the review - Book Report/Review Example

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A Briefer History of Time was written in 2005. The central idea of the book revolves around universe, how it works and what elements constitute a…
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Give any topic that is related with the book review
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"Give any topic that is related with the review"

Download file to see previous pages A Briefer History of Time is an updated version of Stephen’s A Brief History of Time. In short it can be said that this book encloses the entire universe in a nutshell.
In the first chapter of this book the author has discussed the origin and significance of physics. Hawking has discussed the ideas proposed by Aristotle and Ptolemy that pinned the study and importance of physics. Hawking has highlighted the idea of Aristotle in which he stated that Earth is round in shape and sun along with stars revolves around our planet. On the other hand, Ptolemy suggested the theory that sun and other celestial bodies constitute our universe. However, with the passage of time it was declared that it is the Earth that revolves around the sun further disapproving the locations of sun and the stars in universe. Hawking has discussed the ideas and theories proposed by different scientists such as Galileo, Copernicus and Kepler.
In Second chapter of the book, Stephen Hawking discusses space and time. In this chapter Hawking has described the movement of planets around the sun and how gravity has kept the planets and the sun in a perfect motion. Hawking has also discussed the concepts of absolute rest and absolute position. These concepts or ideas revolve around the basic thought that whatever occurs in our life stays the same for a definite period of time. Stephen has also discussed Newton’s theory of gravity which opposes this idea of absolute rest. Further, the book also mentions the concepts and ideas that revolve around speed of light. Different theories were proposed discussing the speed of light. Hawking has also described the viewpoint of Albert Einstein who believed that ether; an idea that was used to explain the speed of light was not needed if the concept of absolute time can be dropped. Hawking has described different ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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