A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking - Book Report/Review Example

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All these books present different and diverse theories that try to explain the origin and sustenance of the universe and all its inhabitants. One book that stands out in all…
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A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking
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Download file to see previous pages Hawking talks of many physics theories and how they came about through the evolution of time. As many individuals are trying to unlock the mysteries of the universe, it is only fair to have a go at this book. This paper will examine the book, and give a brief review of what Hawking was trying to tell the world about their universe.
Theories and evidence about the universe and all its inhabitants are presented in the book. It offers the reader answers to most of the questions about the universe. In the first part of the book, Hawking talks of the history of physics as a discipline. Ideas that are presented in the past by philosophers such as Ptolemy and Aristotle are presented in the book and explained in detail (Hawking 13). Aristotle’s theory about the sun going round the earth, and the idea’s disapproval by other scientists forms the basis of the book. It is next to impossible to ignore the evidence that most of the scientists in the past offered for some of their theories. This is what Hawking was trying to show the reader after reading the first chapter of the book.
In the second chapter of the book, hawking brings forth the theory of time and space. The motion the earth takes is explained, and the theory surrounding gravity and how it works in connection with the sun. Hawking tries to take the reader to the past where the theory of the speed of light was first mentioned. Newton’s theory that time was absolute was found to apply to things that did not move at the speed of light. In this chapter, Hawking talks of light and the basic elements that surround it. He uses illustrations such as the use of light cones and explains to the reader how they might be used. He explains that the top of the cone will try and tell where the light will travel (Hawking 23). The bottom of the cone explains or indicates from where the light came from, or where it was in the past.
Using Einstein’s theory of relativity, Hawking used an example ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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