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A paper about the concept of God - Essay Example

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The difficulty lies in the doubt as to whether god, in whatever form, exists, and if so, was he created by man or vice versa From a Judeo- Christian premise, the belief would be that he does exist, for in Genesis we are told explicitly about the creation of man, by god…
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A paper about the concept of God
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Download file to see previous pages In this essay, the ideas of several thinkers will be examined, incorporating the 'positive' and 'negative' dimensions attributed to a divine being. But everything hinges on personal belief in a deity and why people believe, when proof of a divine existence seems to defy logic.
"Theism is the view that god is unlimited with regard to knowledge (omniscience), power (omnipotence), extension (omnipresence) and moral perfection; and is the creator and sustainer of the universe." (Morley, 2006)
In the historical context, beginning with Plato, we see that within the Platonic concept, he considered god to be all these things, a perfect being, good, rational and unchangeable (immutable). The last quality described as negative, but if god is omnipotent, then he can stay unchanged no matter what. Aristotle agreed with the perfection and immutable concepts, for if god is perfect, he stays that way, so is unchanging, which also makes him eternal. He considered that god gave order to the world; he does not care what goes on there, being an unmoved mover. Yet in his Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle speaks with great authority, and so much rationality, when he says that the desired state of happiness is only achieved by virtue, being good, thinking good and doing good, for its own sake. He says of happiness:
"..or comes in virtue of some divine providence.Now if there is any gift of the gods to men, it is reasonable that happiness should be god-given"
(Aristotle, 350BC, Bk. 1. Chapter 9)
This appears to contradict his idea that god cares nothing, if he is giving his creations gifts. Aristotle also seems to suggest god's sovereign, supreme power that impacts on the idea of free will. Problems arise when we see the world changing and events occurring that appear to deny the sovereignty. It calls into question the goodness and perfection of a god who allows evil to co-exist within his creation. The idea of him having charge over our fate raises another question as to why we have free will to do evil - go against god's will. In doing right, we move towards god, but wrong take us away from him, and we are responsible for that, not god. But repentance and salvation can bring us closer once more, ideas that are the bedrock of the Biblical, Hebrew and Christian concepts of god. This is a comfort to those who believe.

St. Anselm, in the 11th century, is thought by some to have proved god's existence by calling on his perfection, because if he did not exist, he would not be perfect, but because he is perfect, he exists. To deny that is to be illogical. The problem here is how we can know of his perfection, for if we are made in god's image, we are not perfect at all!

Augustine (354-430) agreed with many of Aristotle's views but described god as 'simple' meaning he is whole and perfect, indivisible into parts. In revealing himself as Christ, to show his love and connect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Paper about the Concept of God Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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