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The interior structure of Venus - Essay Example

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The interior of Venus perhaps is similar to interior of the Earth. Venus, like the Earth, is a terrestrial planet that is made of metal and rock. It perhaps has a metallic core that is partly molten, a crust and a rocky mantle. …
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The interior structure of Venus
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"The interior structure of Venus"

Download file to see previous pages Interior structure of Venus is therefore slightly different from the Earth`s. The reasons for this are partly to do with their core and partly it could basically have to do with their motion. Venus rotates very slowly and it takes more than 243 of Earth days to rotate once on its axis. This is even longer compared to the time Venus takes to orbit the Sun which is about 225 Earth days. This may be mainly the reason Venus doesn't contain a magnetic field like majority of the other planets. The core might also be absolutely solid, or could not even exist in the first place. Venus`s average density which is 5.25g/cm3 reveals that Venus, just like the Earth, must be composed of silicate rocks as well as be a differentiated planet.
sustaining data for internal models hails from gravity as well as magnetic field readings from Venera, Pioneer Venus together with Magellan spacecraft. It is thought that Venus created a differentiated core made up of the heaviest elements for instance iron sinking to middle of the Venus. It`s however, not known if the core of Venus has yet solidified to the same level as of the Earth's core. Despite the proportions of core, crust and mantle being similar to Earth, the surface revelation is that there are none of moving 'plates' as there exist on Earth that can mean. This shows that either the crust is a bit thicker and planet cannot form, or Venus mantle is not convecting a fast way as Earth's mantle so as to stir the plates around. Previous mission Very less is well-known concerning the interior of Venus compared to what is known about its atmosphere and surface. Previous mission to the space and exploration of the other planets focused more on their surface and atmosphere. These missions were of atmospheric probe and orbiters types. However, my mission is quite different as it explores the interior of Venus, I mission that is hardly undertaken by scientists. Venus is much like the Earth in density and in overall size and because it most probably accreted from similar materials, as planetary scientist, I expect that Venus formed at least a crudely alike internal state. Therefore, it almost certainly has mantle of dense rock, a core of metal, as well as the crust of lesser dense rock. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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