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Lasers - Essay Example

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Lasers Lasers have really changed the way things take place in the current world. There are many issues concerning lasers especially as far as science fiction is concerned. Many objects used in the everyday life are examples of many varieties of products derived from the laser technologies such as the CD players, hair replacement and other gas lasers (helium neon)…
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Download file to see previous pages Some great things such as military targets and x-ray in medicine have been boosted greatly. This essay discusses lasers in various aspects including its applications in the daily life operations. Application of lasers is just too amazing especially how its unique features are applied in the everyday life. There are wide range of lasers such as unusual ones used commercially that include remote sensing and the ones used in diagnosing images. There are conventional lasers that include optical gain medium put in between two mirrors and pumped by an external source of light and emits bouncing light. This is very similar in other states such as liquids and solids where emissions of light from atoms are triggered thus forcing light to travel to form laser beam. These lasers always have optical cavities that help them in their function (Svelto & Hanna 80-100). It is obvious that lasers emit light via optical amplification due to emission that is motivated from electromagnetic energy but it should be noted that lasers are different from other sources of light. Light in laser is emitted articulately and makes light to be pointed at a particular spot which is very useful in performing their functions such as cutting and lithography. Laser’s coherence keeps their beams collimated in lengthy place thus making the laser pointers to operate as well as high degree of temporal coherence enabling narrow spectrum and pulses emissions. Lasers serve numerous functions that include measurement of range and speed, widely used in media entertainments and other vital applications in scientific research. What makes laser even more interesting is the output which is the narrow that is as a result of diffraction limited. It is also amazing that the laser beams can be directed to small points while obtaining a great level of irradiance or even powerfully concentrated to a point at a further distance. Time duration of a laser beam and its position depends on the purpose and function of the laser however it is worth noting that some lasers produce a wide spectrum of light (Svelto & Hanna 505-516). Lasers include of a gain media which provides energy due to its ability to magnify light by inspired emission and the other object that act as an optical feedback. The gain medium is so unique and interesting because it increases the power of light after it has gained energy from another source and this process is called pumping. Energy supplied to the gain medium may be through flash light or may be another laser and is supplied as an electrical currents or light with wavelength that differs. Many lasers get their feedback from optical cavity which involves a couple of mirrors where light bounces in between the mirrors as it goes through the gain medium as it gets amplified every other time. The mirrors have different purposes where one of them acts as an output coupler which is somewhat clear making some light to go through although this property depends on design of the cavity. From the explanations, it is important to note that lasers come in different shapes and sizes depending on the functions they are designed to (Steen & Mazumder 25-40). Laser light have so many things that make it different from other types of light which makes it important and very useful. Laser light is considered to be highly monochromatic due to the fact that it has a single definite ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Lasers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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