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Since the time of our ancestors, there have been processes aimed at the formation of raining in significant volumes. These processes did not work, or they worked but the volume of the rainfall formed was not significant enough. The modern century saw the introduction of lasers. …
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Laser Beam Condensation
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"Laser Beam Condensation"

The potential productivity of lasers is much more promising than the other processes used in previous centuries. The goal of achieving artificial rain is based on shooting laser beams or launching chemicals to the sky. However, these natural processes are controversial in that experts question the quality of the rain formed and the side effects of the processes. Just last year, scientists used laser beams to generate rain from the relatively humid air. According to Zyga, the activity was successful, but the diameter of the drops formed was 100 times lesser than the normal rain droplets. Despite the small droplets, the experiment showed that it was possible to use condensation to form rain droplets. The article also sheds light on the cost-effectiveness of the process. In the article, there is also the issue on the specified amount of water particles produced. The particles should neither be less or more than the specified amount. If this happens the water particles would not reach the ground and will lessen precipitation respectively. Journal article The journal article is more experiment-oriented. It focuses on the chemistry and physics behind the precipitation process. It also involves the experimental results and the interpretation of results and experimental modeling. Read More
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