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Organic memory transistor - Essay Example

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Microelectronics According to recent presentation made by Sundes J. Fakhera and Mohammed F. Mabrooka on the electrical characteristics of OTFTs, based on pentacenen/PMMA/Aluminium and OTFMTs, based on Gold nanoparticle as floating gate with double layers of PMMA, both the devices have gold as the drain/source contact…
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Organic memory transistor
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"Organic memory transistor"

Download file to see previous pages They (Fakher & Mabrooka, 2012) reported that the output characteristics for both the devices show perfect and good saturation area at low and high voltage; VDS respectively. They also found out that, in the control device, the mobility (µ), the threshold and the on/off rotation were 0.27cm2 V-1S-1, 16V and 4.1 X 104 respectively. However, in the organic memory floating gate; the mobility was found to be 0.04 cm2 V-1S-1, the threshold was between -23 and -47 volts while the on/off ratio was 2.3 X 103. For high mobility and increasing on/off ratio, the smooth surface, uniform and loose pin holes where the reverse proportionality of PMMA concentration which was above 15wt%, and can be a significant influence on the average grain region and average roughness of pentacene layer. They also stated that a clear trend was there to show that there was no hysteresis in the control transistor due to non charge storage element. In addition, they said that the gold floating gate of the organic memory transistor causes low mobility due to the gold nanoparticle affected to follow and carry charges from the first layer of PMMA through gold floating gate to the second layer of the PMMA in the insulator. ...
That was when different pulses of OTMFTs were applied to the gate electrodes. This was evident in non-volatile state attitude for the organic thin film memory transistor device. Graphene oxide and floating gate: Other authors, including Tae-Wook Kim, Yan Gao, Orb Action, Hin-Lap, Hong Ma and others, also reported about the electrical characteristics of organic non-volatile memory transistors (ONVMTs) using chemically synthesized grapheme oxide (GO) as a charge trapping layer based on pentacene/PMMA/Grapheme oxide nanosheets/SiO2.GO (Kim, et al., 2010). the nanosheets were produced by modified Hammer’s process then deposited on top of SiO2 substrate using spin coating and hot plate (3000 rpm for 40s and 120C0 for 10 minutes), respectively. The drain/source contact was of gold and had a thickness of 50nm thick and a semiconductor layer of 50nm was deposited using thermal evaporation of pentacene. The GO nonosheets were located between PMMA and SiO2 layers of about 10nm of thickness. A clear trend, morphological properties of grapheme oxide such as rougher and coverage region were dependent on the concentration of its solution. The output and transfer characteristics of both the devices, namely; control (OFETs) device without grapheme nanosheets and (ONVMTs) device within GO nanosheets, have similar values of mobility ), threshold and on/off ration which were 0.16 cm2V-1S-1, 6.5V and 106 respectively. On the other hand, travelling electrons or hole from pentacene to GO nanosheets through PMMA layer resulted to hysteresis which was featured in the transfer characteristics of (ONVMT) device. However, there was no hysteresis in the control (OFET) due to the absence of the trap charge ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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