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Comparing scholarly article and media article: - Essay Example

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2. The media article “young starts don’t obliterate their planets (very often)” reports about discovery from the recently published study in the Astrophysical journal. This study proves that despite its close orbit with the stars, hot Jupiter are not often consumed by the surrounding stars but orbit around its star for billions of years when mostly its orbit becomes circular before it is finally obliterate by the star…
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Comparing scholarly article and media article:
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Download file to see previous pages The finding of the research revealed that the tidal force theory which forecasted that the hot Jupiters of heavier stellar mass would orbit out farther. This provides enough explanation for the conditions correctly and affirms that moving stars halts their march towards the star once its orbit is circularized by the star’s tidal forces. The research report “stars do not eat their young migrating planets: empirical constraints on planet migration halting mechanisms” was co-written by Peter Placan, of NASA Exoplanscient Institute and California Technology and Christopher Bilinski from University of Arizona. The two scientists conducted the study on empirical restrictions on several mechanisms of halting planets’ migration with affirmation of hot Jupiters nearby its parent stars which acted as a prove of the ability of the planets to migrate toward the interior by various potential mechanism. By referring to the exoplanets as empirical samples, whose distance from the parent stars approximated to be within 0.1AU, the researchers used stellar mass and close-in exoplanets in orbital semi-major plane and other migration halting mechanism models such as tidal dissipation, the Interior 1:2 orbital resonance with the Accretion Disk Truncation at the Magnetospheric Radius, Interior 1:2 Orbital Resonance with the Dust Disk Sublimation Radius, Power law and other models as the key research tools. By evaluating each model via Bayesian analysis and chi-square tests, migration halted by tidal circularization were found to best fit for the data especially when power law model is excluded. But the power law model shows strong posterior probabilities of stellar mass dependence. The researchers concluded that the planets are halted due to tidal circularization, the strong correlation between mass of stars and halting distance of its close-in exoplanets. 3. The structure of media article is written in a short, clear and interesting headline in order to attract the readers and make it possible for the readers to quickly comprehend the topic of discussion covered in the article. The body of the article describes in details the information about the new discovery including quotes from the important scholars that discuss the subject related to the discovery. However, the article may not be clearly divided into sections with sub-head like scholarly article. The scholarly article starts with the abstract where brief summary of the study is presented; an introduction to the study is stated. In the abstract, the purpose of the research and the research problem are identified. Next section introduces the Empirical Samples that are used in conducting the research. The explanations on several Migration Halting Models used in the research follow right after the empirical research. The fifth section in the research is the Research Methodology. Under this section, the effectiveness of the methods used in the research are evaluated to determine their degree of success or relevance. For instance, it is in the methodology section that the study models are examined. The next section is the results and findings of the research. Under this section, the actual data from each model is evaluated and then presented in photographic form, charts, bars, and table form. This section also explains the most preferred model for the empirical samples of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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