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Dating the Rocks of the Grand Canyon (Old-Earth vs. Young-Earth) - Essay Example

Chronic notes that studies on the Grand Canyon can be used to give some hint about the earth structure and composition which could be used to give a close to the exact age of the earth as some geologists have argued (Chronic, 1983). Other scientists have also come up with other methods of estimating the age of the earth which gives rather rudimentarily arranged historical accounts about the age of the earth. Such arguments include the biblical and other religious accounts which tell of the origin of the earth from a religious point of view. Religious or rather biblical accounts have given rough estimations which date the earth to just a few million years beginning from the creation of man to the present times often using the biblical foundations as the sole sources of arguments. These people analyze the biblical accounts literally as they appear to have been stipulated in the bible based on a 24 hour day as their historical time line. The geological societies have as well studied the various rocks compartments and compositions to come up with estimates about the earth formation and age. These estimations have been derived from archeological findings and fossils dating. The two viewpoints are however in opposition with each other, each side opposing the other on the validity of the methodologies used to arrive to the answer (Sloss, 1963). This paper will examine the formation of the earth based on the analysis of the grand canyon rocks. This will be done in line with the argument of the

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old and the young earth view points in trying to explain the age of the earth.
, we will begin by looking at the various types of rocks forming the earth’s surface and which are the major types of rocks forming the Grand Canyon. Earth rocks can be divided into three main types based on their mode of formation. These include: Igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks metamorphic rocks. Depending on the way and processes involved in the formation of these three types of rocks we can use their characteristics and sedimentation features to give a rough estimate of the earth as some geologists have done. Igneous rocks are formed from cooling of magnetic ejections either on the surface of the earth or under the earth’s surface. Sedimentary rocks on the other hand are formed as a result of the accumulation, compaction and cementation of various sediments either on the surface of the earth or under the waters of the sea. The last category here is the metamorphic rocks which are formed after the pre- existing rocks have been subjected to extreme heat and pressure. The three types are formed in a cyclic manner with close overlaps. On most occasions, sedimentary rocks have been used in archeological studies since they are fossilized. Hamblin asserts that dating methods can be employed on these rocks to come up with results which date the earth back to millions of years contrary to the religious dating which go back to just a few million years ago (Hamblin, 1989). These two lines of argument have led to the establishment of the two opinion sides of the old and the young earth respectively. The Grand Canyon and the dating of the earth The Grand Canyon rocks present an array of evidences which can be used to date the earth based on the geologic timelines. As Sloss notes, the dating system has however been subject to errors of non- conformities, disconformities as
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Various geologists have made several attempts to ascertain the age of the earth using various methods among them the radiometric dating methods among others…
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Dating the Rocks of the Grand Canyon (Old-Earth vs. Young-Earth)
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