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Name: Course: Date: Optics Study Report Article: Marouf, S., and N. Zekri. "Light Propagation In Ordered And Random One-Dimensional Systems By Cavity Formation." International Journal Of Modern Physics 20.11-13 (2006): 1661-1670. Article summary The difference between a conventional laser and a random laser is in the mode of the feedback obtained…
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Optics Study Report
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"Optics Study Report"

The cavity is made up of a series of mirrors, which coherently provides the feedback for lasing. This is in total contrast to the random laser, which has no mirrors for use as the feedback mechanism, but applies a system of optical scattering in a disordered medium, to give the lasing feedback (Marouf and Zekri, 1662). Random media is used to confine light in a very small region, which forms the basis of the operation of the random laser, through the interference of the scattered light, which forms light localization. Thus, a random laser does not use an optical cavity, but the rest of the principles of operation remain the same as those of a conventional laser. The evolution of the light transport behavior that occurs during the continuous transit of one-dimensional system from a highly ordered structure to a disordered structure forms the basis of the localization of light in a small region, which then allows a random laser to give lasing feedback, without using optical cavity (Marouf and Zekri, 1669). ...
The article is systematically and logically organized, starting with an introduction that explains the theme of the article and the activities that the article will be undertaking. It is organized in an experimental format, where the experiments undertaken are explained, and then the results of such experiment discussed, in relation to the theme of the article; to explain the operational differences between a conventional and a random laser, especially regarding their feedback systems (Marouf and Zekri, 1661). The clarity and readability of the article is enhanced by the application of the question-answer model, where the article first poses some questions, and then embarks on answering them systematically. The article poses questions like “how is a cavity formed in such a random media with many random defects? How large is the cavity and how good is the cavity?” (Marouf and Zekri, 1664). Such questions prepare the reader for the next discussion, through providing accurate descriptions of the areas of focus of the discussion that follows. Through such strategies, the article enhances the ability of the reader to follow and absorb the discussion fully, as opposed to a flow of discussion in prose, which does not break down the main ideas of the discussion, and the order in which they will be discussed. Visual displays, which include mathematical models and also diagrams, are systematically applied in the article, which serve to enhance the understanding of the discussion. Validity and significance The significance and relevance of the article cannot be doubted, especially inconsideration that the article explains a very fundamental principle. The article delves into the investigation of the functionality of a random laser, Read More
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