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Alternative Fuels for Automobiles - Essay Example

So in order to continue with our sophisticated class of living and protect nature, the scientist and experts throughout the world insist on the usage of alternative fuels like hydrogen fuel, corn oil and electricity. When we look at the usage of fossil fuel, we can see that there is enormous carbon emission which pollute the earth’s atmosphere and defect the ozone layer of the planet. So the use of hydrogen fuel, corn oil and electricity will lead to green revolution and abundant production of fuel in the world market. Hydrogen fuel is an energy carrier and not an energy source. It is believed to be highly efficient when used in motor vehicles and as fuel cells .On the other hand, corn oil is a produced from corn plants and can be easily obtained through farming. Moreover, the electricity also takes the place of alternative fuel as it can be used to charge the batteries of electric cars. Alternative fuels The reason for the world to look upon alternative fuels like hydrogen, corn oil and electricity is to maintain the living standard of human beings and to protect the planet from deterioration. Here corn oil is a pure and clean alternative fuel which is bio –renewable in nature. The corn oil can be highly potential in transportation world as it can be used as an alternative for diesel. The eco –friendly factor of corn oil is the main reason why it is chosen by experts as an alternative fuel. As per (Saddleback 6)“Corn oil is non toxic, which means it does not harm people or make them sick.

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One type of alternative fuel vehicle that holds a lot of promise is the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle. There are many encouraging things about these vehicles. Natural gas is an abundant resource in the United States. It is sometimes found dissolved in crude oil, but many times this gas is found in reservoirs alone.
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It is made by transesterifying the animal fat which is called tallow; vegetable oil can also be used. The bio-diesel which is used in some converted diesel vehicles is quite distinguished from the straight vegetable oil. The process of bio-diesel production is carried out by producing the bio-fuel, or by the transesterification of alkyl esters.
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emissions regulations and, more recently, monetary incentives for alternatives. However, the increase in the total demand for transport has grown faster than the efficiency and emissions technologies have progressed. The switch from traditional oil-based fuels to alternative fuels is necessary because concerns over energy security, climate change, and air quality have only strengthened in recent years.
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It is bio-degradable, or can be broken down by the nature and reused”. In the same manner hydrogen is also a significantly potential alternative fuel available in the world. The scientific experts prefer hydrogen as an alternative fuel because it is abundant in nature and has the quality of zero emission. In his book (Hordeski 1) writes that “A shift to zero- carbon emission solar hydrogen systems could fundamentally resolve these energy supply and environmental problems”. The best part of using hydrogen fuel is that it can be comfortably made from water and microorganisms or with the help of any source of electricity. In the same way, electricity is also an extremely promising alternative fuel which can bring revolution in the transportation and mechanical field. Electricity has the potentiality to bring forth remarkable change in automobile field and industrial sector. Conclusion In general, the alternative fuel concept got enormous attention due to its feature of abundance and bio- degradable nature. Basically, the fact is that man has been using crude oil since a century and it has resulted to an unfathomable pollution and disaster to the environment of planet. Generally speaking, it is the carbon emission from crude oil which has led to defect in the ozone layer. This has directly resulted in warming up of the earth which is a warning to the extinction of eco –system of the planet including human beings. Henceforth, this phenomenon of global warming has seriously intimidated the scientific world to switch on to alternative fuels. In his book (Houhgton 9) mentions that “Human activities of all kinds, whether in industry, transport sector or at home are resulting in emission of increased quantity of gases, in particular the gas carbon – di oxide in to atmosphere”. It is also obvious that the world is getting overpopulated and the need for fossil fuel is considerably increasing. So
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Topic:  Alternative Fuels for Automobiles Introduction The current age we live in is run by the use of fossil fuel and as everybody knows the fuel source is getting depleted at a high level, which is raising high concern to the human population all over the world…
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Alternative Fuels for Automobiles
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