Fast-food Restaurant and Reasons for Obesity - Research Paper Example

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The main objective of the work is to identify the chief causes of obesity in addition to the fast food restaurants. The study will identify two main problems of obesity and their solutions. It shall further discuss regarding the call for actions. …
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Fast-food Restaurant and Reasons for Obesity
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"Fast-food Restaurant and Reasons for Obesity"

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Genes have an impact upon each facet of human physiology and adaptation and hence obesity is no exception. Obesity essentially runs in families which further suggest the fact that it might have genetic reasons. It can be stated that an explanation of the obesity epidemic needs to include the role of the genetic and that of the environment. According to the ‘thrifty genotype’ hypothesis, the genes that assisted ancestors to sustain for longer time are now being challenged by the surroundings where the food is found in abundant. Although there is decline in the rate of physical activity and increase in the rate of calorie intake that is responsible for obesity, it needs to be considered that these trends are being practiced on the background of genetic variation in the population. The individual’s genetic background can be considered as a significant determinant related to vulnerability to obesity. It needs to be remembered that people with obesity related genes are not intended to be obese. However, they are likely to have a greater risk related to obesity (BBC News, 2009).
Second Problem (Eating Habits and Physical Activity)
Eating habits and physical activity can be considered as one of the main reasons behind obesity. It can be observed that Americans are found to be consuming higher calories in the present times. Only 10% of the Americans are found to be consuming a healthy diet in keeping with the federal nutrition recommendations (World Health Organization, 2012). The diet of the Americans is found to be too high in terms of saturated as well as trans fat, refined sugars and is low in terms of fruits, vegetables, calcium and fiber which increases the likelihood of obesity. Moreover, it has further been found that nearly 50% of the American adults do not obtain the suggested amount of the physical activity. It is the regular exercise that assists in preventing obesity by a significant extent (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2012). Solution to Genetic Problem With the assistance of the new molecular tools as well as resources, studies can be undertaken in order to seek common obesity genes in the near future. These genes can assist in the determination of the root causes of the problems related to obesity. It will also potentially advocate new therapies or interventions and thus offer tools in order to comprehend how people respond to their environment in order to become obese or remain lean. In the modern day context, it is significant for the obese people to work hard in comparison to others in order to maintain a healthy body weight by means of long-term and sustained lifestyle alterations. Although it is difficult to change people’s genetic make-up and to control the environment however the obese people can learn regarding controlling the lifestyle choices that they make (Lyon & Hirschhorn, 2005). Solution to the Problem of Eating Habits and Physical Activity Consumption of less ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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