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The Problem of Obesity - Research Paper Example

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From statistical analysis, obesity is becoming a world pandemic affecting millions of people. In fact, in the last three decades, the rates have increased rapidly. This tremendous growth has motivated an increased number of studies. The writer of this paper aims to analyze the problem of obesity…
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The Problem of Obesity
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Download file to see previous pages The policy-makers have targeted the restaurant meals as the direct contributor to the increasing rate of obesity (Powell and Chaloupka 2009:234). Americans who claim that restaurant food adds more calories to an individual as compared to those served at home levels. They have however backed the argument that there is a direct correlation between eating out and body weight. Therefore in my analysis am going to analyze whether there is a causal link between obesity and eating out. My study has relied on the data regarding rural residents, who have access to restaurants and more often than not take their meals from them. Restaurants and obesity Consensus has not been realized to explain rapid growth (Zhao, 2008:59). Obesity has become an epidemic drawing public concern in the recent past. The model of study to verify obesity has taken the relationship between the environmental characteristics and the obesity situation. In order to study obesity the researchers concerned with two aspects that are the influences of the environmental make-up like physical activities, mode of transportation and the local food consumed as well as socioeconomic deprivation of community on obesity (Killewo, et al., 2010:311). From studies carried previously, it is indicated that the price of food has gone down notably. The reduced food charges and the vulnerability of energy-dense food are attributed to the increasing rates of obesity. Among the influential environmental factors, studies have based majorly on the relationship between fast food restaurants and the obesity incidence. This food taken away from home especially the fast foods in restaurants have been the target for the academics and the policy makers as the major contributor to the obesity epidemic. The restaurants have been on the receiving end of critics of having foods with high levels of fats sugars. The implication of this is that consumers’ demand for the foods definitely shoots and they end up combining nutrients in the inappropriate proportions. The food and drug administration began regulation on nutrition levels of food supplied in public places. They provided labeled information on fats, cholesterol, sodium, and sugar content of these common foods (Crawford, et al., 2010:359). However, the restaurants are subject to exclusion from the mandate an event that had merits of reexamination. The exemption of the restaurant was due to believing that it was too difficult for the restaurant to over-emphasize on a certain nutritional content taking into consideration its social cue. However, the current study has proven beyond doubts that fast foods offered in restaurants are a major contributor to obesity. The fast foods served in most of the restaurants have limited disclosure and have a wide range of calories of which most of them are feasible. The research established there is a co-dependent relationship between the nutrient taken and bio-economical outcomes. These outcomes are obesity, physical activity, and health status of the persons (Crawford et al., 2010:178). The exposure to the fast foods in the restaurants lowers the resistant ability of the consumer. Food Prices and Obesity The pricing policy has proven to be effective out of the simple taste done in the United States. The often-asked question on the issue of price policy is whether making alterations on the cost of unhealthy and energy-dense foods can change the consumption patterns as well as the overall diet hence a change on the weight outcomes of the persons. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Problem of Obesity Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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