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Obesity in Minority Children - Term Paper Example

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The research paper focuses on the issue of obesity among young children that causes many physical as well as psychological problems for the children not only in childhood but also in adulthood. It also discusses the role of nurses in dealing with the cases of obesity in minority children…
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Obesity in Minority Children
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Extract of sample "Obesity in Minority Children"

Download file to see previous pages The paper “Obesity in Minority Children” discusses the issue of immigrant children who face the problem of obesity because they are exposed to a different lifestyle. Obesity puts adverse impact on the children who are fat as compared to other children of their age group. There exist some interventions, which nursing professionals can use to deal with the problem of obesity in minority children. Nursing professionals often deal with the cases of obesity in minority children. Interviews with some of the nursing professionals reveal that about 70 percent of the obese children did not use to do any physical exercise and just played video games for entrainment and watched television. Researches have proved that almost 55 percent of the obese children eat junk foods instead of eating fresh vegetables and fruits. The poor diet choice of such children increase the level of fat in the bodies of children making them overweight as compared to other children of their age who take balanced diet daily. Nursing professionals can take some effective steps to deal with the problem of obesity in minority children. Some of the ways, which nurses can use, include creating awareness among children regarding use of fruits and vegetables instead of junk foods, stopping them from taking sugary drinks, promoting the importance of physical exercises among children, and making them adhere to the principles of good body mechanics. It is the role of the nurses to promote healthcare among children in order to prevent them from getting obese. Nurses can make parents aware of the healthy and nutritious diet, which they can give to their children. Nurses can also make parents aware of the necessity of physical exercises for their children. Nurses can advise the parents to engage their children in physical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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